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Mark Joyner
Friday, 5:15AM

     Is it possible to predict the future?

     I mean, really.   You woke up this morning.  You got out of bed.  You sat down in front of this computer ... You know this because it's "the past."  For the most part, we're pretty certain about what has happened in the past (barring a few nights of binge drinking we won't discuss here).

     What about tomorrow, though?

     If you could predict what will happen tomorrow, would it change your life in any significant way?  Just imagine for a moment that predicting the future were in fact possible.  I ask you, for just a moment, to suspend your disbelief.  Imagine that some crazy scientist invented this technology and granted you access to it. 

     What would happen to your life?

Stay With Me - Whether You Purchase This Product or Not, There is a Life-Changing Fact Revealed in This Letter and It Is Your God-Given Right to Know It, so Please Read On ...

     If you were able to predict the future, let's see how it would affect just one area of your life: your business - and more specifically, your sales.

     Every day you have to make decisions about how to advertise and market your products and services.   Some of us put more thought into this process than others, but surely you've been there.  With all of these choices, it's really hard to know where to go.

Are You Asking Yourself Questions Like These?

"Should I use Google Adwords?"

"If so, what should they say?"

"What keywords should I target?"

"Should I start a newsletter?"

"What should it be about?"

"What should I write?"

"Should I put my picture on my website?"

"Should I purchase eZine advertising?"

"Should I buy some pop-under ads?"

"Should I purchase some newspaper ads?"

"Should I take out a classified ad?"

"Should I change what I'm doing and find another niche?"

"Should I copy what other people are doing or follow my passion?"

"Should I sell my own products or the products of someone else?"

"Should I scrap this entirely and do something different?"

"Should I ....


My God ...

How do these 'experts' expect me to wade through all of this crap?!"

     OK ...  I hear you.

     I want you to pause for a minute.  Take a deep breath.

     Really.  Do this with me.  Take a looooong deeeeep breath.

     Let it out slowly.  Now ...  Repeat after me:

"I am never ..

... going to be confused ...

... about what to do with my business ...

... again.



Why?  Because I can see into the future."

     Oh, you forgot?  You're imagining that you can see the future, remember?  Stay with me for just a few more seconds - you're about to feel a weight lifting off your shoulders.  You're going to feel a sense of clarity and calm like you have never experienced before.

     How do I know this?  Because that's exactly what I felt when I learned what you're about to learn.

     Still with me?

     Now, since we can look into the future, we don't have to ask ourselves all of these silly questions, do we?  We can simply imagine what would happen if we tried those things and we'd know instantly what the outcome would be.

     You'd never again make a wrong move ...   You'd know without question where to turn, what to do, and what to say.

How long would it take you to bring home the riches of Bill Gates or Donald Trump if you had the ability to look into the future?

     OK, now ...

     Snap out of it!

     This was just a fun little exercise, right?  I mean no one can really look into the future, can they?  It's a nice little fantasy, but we live in the cold-hard world of facts, figures, and results, right?

     Well, what if I told you that you actually could, in a very limited but extremely important and valuable way, see the future?

     Look, I'm not claiming you can be Donald Trump or Bill Gates overnight.  Only a con-artist would say that.  I don't know anything about you, and I could never predict your future or guarantee any particular outcome or earnings in your life.  Period.  No one can.

     But ponder this ...

     What if there was, right now within your grasp, a hard and proven science that granted you the power to make tiny, but important predictions?

     What if I told you that this science was so reliable that you'd even know whether or not you could trust the predictions it gave you?

This Science Does Exist, but Before I Reveal it to You I Need to Tell You a Story

     In 2003 I closed the doors of my wildly successful company, Aesop Marketing Corporation.  After going through the heartache (and triumph) of closing those doors, I kept a very quiet and private life.  While working on a number of print books I've wanted to write for a long time, I also did some private consulting for a select few clients.

     One of those clients was a young man by the name of Mike Chen.  Mike and I had worked together on a number of other projects in the past and he had proven himself to me to be a brilliant marketer, but most importantly, a lightning-fast software developer.

     This kid could crank out in days what should normally take a team of developers weeks.

     He came to me with his newest idea - a subsequently very successful product called "Make Your Own Software."  This project then led to the creation of a sister project - a viral marketing system we named "InstantBuzz."

     You may have heard of both of these projects.  They were wildly successful.

In a Few Moments You're About to Learn Exactly Why ...

     Mike came to me with the ideas and he wanted me to work on the branding, marketing strategy, ad copy and so on.  Early on Mike was pondering what he should be focusing on and I immediately told him he needs a system to track his advertising first and foremost - before anything else.

     Testing your advertising is not just a good idea - it's mission critical.  Once you catch the "testing bug" you realize that you can increase your profits dramatically just by making tiny changes.

     Let's take a quick diversion from the story so you can know what I'm talking about.  There is a really cool trick here you'll learn, so pay attention.

     Again, testing your marketing will show you that tiny 5 second changes to your ad copy can double or triple your sales or even more.  For example, I once ran a split-test of three different prices for one of my products ...

Which Price Made Me More Money?




     I'll tell you which price won - and by what an astonishing degree - in just a moment.  First, ponder this ...

     Intuition would tell someone that the lower the price, the more you sell.  Interestingly, though, that is not always the case.  In fact, sometimes increasing price will dramatically increase sales.  And this is the whole point: you can't predict what changes to your marketing will generate more sales, so you must test.

     Well, you could market without testing, but you'd be "leaving money on the table."

     What does that mean?

     Well, let's say you have a table and there's $100,000 on it for you - free to grab and take home.  Go on.  Take as much as you want.

     Are you going to take $10,000?  No ...  You'd be "leaving" $90,000 "on the table."  Only a complete fool would do that.

     What would you do?

Of Course You'd Stuff Your Pockets Full with Those Crisp $100 Bills Until There Wasn't a Cent Left on the Table!

     What will shock you, though, is that the business world is full of people "leaving money on the table" like this every day.  In fact, it's the vast majority of businesses that fail to test and only eke out a mere fraction of what they are worth.

     Is it any wonder that only a small fraction of the businesses in this world turn their owners into millionaires?

     So, back to that price test.  Which price won?

     Well, $95 sold twice as many as $99.  No big surprise there, right?  The lower price should perform better.

     Here was the big shocker:   $97 sold over twice as many as $95 and five times more than $99 (our old price)!

     By testing these three prices and making the decision to switch from $99 to $97, we were able to multiply our profits by nearly 5 times.

     I have to tell you - it was really hard work switching that price, too.  I opened up the web page in an editor, found the places where it said "99" and replaced them with "97."  That took me all of about 45 seconds to multiply my profits by 5 times.

     Of course, I would have never known to do this had I not conducted this extremely simple test.  Do you see now why this practice is so vital?

If You Take Nothing Else Away from This Letter, Take This ...

     What I didn't know then was that there was a little law of pricing called "the law of 7's and 9's."  That is, prices with 7's and 9's tend to outperform other prices.

     I can say confidently, after years of price testing, that this law tends to remain valid test after test from product to product.  That's some powerful information!

     Now, it's one thing to hear this - it's another to act on it.  It's another, and far greater, thing altogether to actually test this and verify it for yourself ...

     IMPORTANT:  You can take this "Law of 7's and 9's" away from this letter right now and probably increase your profits today, if you didn't already know it.  It definitely works as you can see for yourself.  Without even getting the "Secret Weapon" you'll learn about in a moment, the mere act of reading this letter will probably increase your chances for success and if that's all you get, that's great.  I'm happy to be of service.  But ponder this ...  What if there were thousands of other little changes you could make to your marketing that were just as effective?  What if you could multiply your profits many times over just by making little changes like this every day?  How easy would your life be?  What if you didn't need a marketing guru to show you these things?  What if all you needed was a tiny little piece of software?   That software exists and you're about to learn about it.  (read on)

     Anyway, back to Mike's project.

     This is exactly why I asked him early on to spend some time setting up an ad-tracking system.  He did and boy did it pay off, but there's more to the story ... A lot more.  

     He asked me what the system should track.  I told him, and he whipped it out in a jiffy (he never ceases to amaze me by how quickly he can write code!).  There were quite a few tools on the market that already did this but he wanted his own.  This wasn't anything ground-breaking.  I mean, ad-tracking systems abound and many of them are quite good.  Writing programs is so easy for Mike, though, that it was easier for him to write his own than to buy one.

     Frankly, he could have bought one of the tracking systems that were readily available and it wouldn't have changed things a bit.  Hey, I was just the consultant, though, and he was the programming wizard so who was I to argue?  It took him just a few hours so it didn't make any difference to me.

     This, however, is not what's interesting.   Something happened that was far more interesting.  Far more.  Read on ...

     After he set up the system he said, "OK, I'm done with the market testing software, Mark.  What do you think I should do next?"

     I said, "Wow, that's great!  But, umm ... there's one little problem ..."

     I went on to describe to him a classic problem in marketing.  A problem as old as advertising itself, but one which in my opinion has never been adequately solved - until now.  (Read on ...)

     Here it is in a nutshell.

     Remember that price test I conducted above?  How was I sure that my "predicted price" of $97 would always be the best if I ran this ad in the future?

     Stay with me for a second.  Your eyes are about to be opened to a whole new world.

     Now, there are things that can affect this (like changing your target market, changes in market climate, and so on ...) which you will never be able to control.  You simply have to accept that and work with it.

     However, you can in fact make accurate predictions under the right conditions and that is how millions and billions are made.

     What if I presented the above prices to 100 visitors each?

     100 visitors are given the option to purchase at $99.

     100 visitors are given the option to purchase at $97.

     100 visitors are given the option to purchase at $95.

     One person buys at $99, two buy at $95, and 5 buy at $97.

     Is this a conclusive test?

     $97 sold 5 times more - isn't it the clear winner?

     Well, intuitively you can probably figure out that it's just not enough information to make an intelligent decision, right?   I mean, obviously not enough people have seen the prices to make an accurate assumption.

     This is where - ugh! - Statistics comes in.

     Wait!  Don't be frightened when I say this word - I'm not going to ask you to calculate a single equation or think too hard or too long about anything.

In fact, I'm about to make things easier for you than they have ever been before, so read on ...

     I'm going to make a confession to you.

     As much as I have been a proponent of testing and science in marketing, I - I'm ashamed to say ...

     I, Mark Joyner, am officially a math bonehead.

     In fact, when you listen to one of the bonus audios listed below, you'll find out exactly how much of a bonehead I am.  I had to pull out a calculator to perform a simple calculation.

     Yeah, I can ponder some pretty complex and deep concepts - I can cook up million-dollar marketing ideas just like flipping hot-cakes off the griddle - but when it comes to math I just hate to do even the simplest calculations.

     Hey, what are computers for if they don't compute for you?!  That's the way I see it, at least.

     With that said, in my search for a valid solution to this problem, I had to put myself through hell and back.  I forced myself to comb through and understand textbooks on math and statistics.  I talked to statisticians and mathematicians.  I even had to - sorry if this is offensive - calculate an equation or two by hand.

     The horror!

     Yeah, that was my personal hell.  And what was the end result of it?

     What was the result of years and years of research? 

     Well, I'll tell you.

     Complete ... and utter ... dissatisfaction.

     At the end of the day I did in fact have a number of tools that would help me know when to make a good decision, but every single one of them had their flaws - some of them fatal.

     Believe me, I've looked at everything.  Taguchi, Law of 40, Confidence Interval ... Heck, I even pondered voodoo and black magic!  (No offense to the folks who use these tools.  Some of them understand the limitations and teach them to people with that in mind.  Good for them.  Those who tout them as "cure-alls" however, should be ashamed of themselves.)

     Again, each of those methods have their own value, but each has it's weaknesses and flaws (as with anything).  As I said, in some cases these flaws are what I would consider "fatal." That is, the results they give are so philosophically or statistically unpredictable that they just make matters worse.  Can you imagine going through all that trouble only to end up selecting losing campaigns?   That's far worse than being a waste of time.

     I could get into the details of why each of those just didn't render the best results for me, but the fact is, do you really care?

     I mean, why should you concern yourself with all this?

     For the love of God!

Would someone just show me how to make the right decision so I can go on about my business of stuffing those "left-on-the-table" dollar bills in my pocket please?!

     Amen to that!

     That's what I've been saying for 10 years and there was no one there with an adequate answer.  That all changed for me about 6 months ago.  Back to the main story ...

     So, I presented my frustrations to Mike and, computer genius that he is, he wanted to find a solution.  I said, "Be my guest!" and helped him along the way where I could.  Frankly, I didn't think he would find any more than I did, but I didn't think it would hurt to let him try.

     Here's what I didn't know.  It just so happens that Mike is close friends with a world-famous mathematician with an undergrad from Harvard and Ph.D. from Cal-Tech (perhaps the epicenter of the technology world).

     For weeks Mike talked this problem over with this man until finally they uncovered an old algorithm written by two German Statisticians for engineers.  It just so happens that the use of this algorithm directly mirrored the exact problem we were trying to solve.

     Mike and his mathematician friend then stayed up one night deciphering this thing and then Mike wrote it up in a script that could be applied to our market tests.

     And every flaw I saw in the other algorithms before this?  This algorithm totally resolved them.  I was elated at first, but also a little skeptical.

     "Mike, but what about ...?"

     He had an answer.

     "Have you guys accounted for ...?"

     They had.

     Heck, they even created rather elaborate "Mathematica" (a program used by mathematicians) simulations to trouble-shoot every possible problem with this algorithm.  You'll see a small sample of these files included with product when you are granted access, just to give you a glimpse into the depth of their thinking.

"... I realize that you have discovered scientific marketing power that others may have only dreamt of until now.  I am truly grateful I have this gem in my possession and I can't wait until I hear my competition wishing that they had grabbed it while it was still available."
Josh Anderson, CEO, Internet Business Ideas Inc.
(One of the few who got an early sneak peak at the Secret Weapon)

OK, But "So What?"  This Sounds Great, But Did It Make a Difference in the Real World?

     Well, at the end of the day, I can really only say three things about this.  I'll let Mike talk to you about the math and science behind his Secret Weapon.  I'm just a marketer and I can only speak to results. 

     I'll get to that in a second, but first, let's talk about some of the debate this is sure to stir ... 

     I'm sure those who are proponents of other methods will argue tooth and nail to show, with a dying gasp, why their system is better.

     Just keep this in mind if you are subjected to any of that ... One of the people I talked with trying to sell me a solution to this problem (who I found to be utterly confused about the issue himself) wanted to charge me $40,000 for a two day consultation!

     I kind of felt sorry for this guy.  Hey, if you had a consulting business that was making you $40,000 a pop and someone came about with a solution better than yours, wouldn't you feel a bit threatened? 

     You sure would.  Fact is, you'd probably fight to protect your "turf" like you were trying to save your family from the jaws of a lion.  This is their "bread and butter" so it's only natural they will want to defend it.  It's just human nature.

     Even those who don't have so much at stake may take issue if they've been a proponent of one one testing method or another.  People cling to their beliefs for dear life - even when they are wrong - and you're going to see a bit of that in the coming months after this is released, I'm sure.

     Mike Chen, who discovered this solution (one which I feel is a far better solution - in fact the only truly adequate one I've seen) has no such thing to prove.  He's going to sell this product for two weeks and then he's off to college.

     He's not going to remain in the business of selling his "Secret Weapon," so he has absolutely nothing to prove to you.  Those who are smart enough to grab this while it's available will simply see that it works and those who don't grab this will just have to wonder why some of their peers are suddenly more successful than they are.

     Why do I say this?

     Let me get back to those three important points.

At the End of the Day, What Do I know?

     Again, I'm not a mathematician.  As a marketer all I really care is this: are the decisions I'm making going to ethically render more profit or less?

     That's it.


     Nothing else really matters.  Everything else is just a pointless mental exercise if it doesn't affect your bottom line.  With that in mind, here are the only really important things I can say about all of this:

1.  I Was Able to Make Better, More Reliable Decisions

     I saw with my very eyes how quickly, with Mike's Secret Weapon, we were able to make critical decisions that impacted his bottom line.  Never before have I been able to see such results so quickly.

     This is coming from a guy who has conducted thousands of market tests and knows almost every world-class marketing expert alive on a personal basis.   

2.  I Have Solid Scientific Reasons for Believing This is the Best There Is

     Aside from all of the torture-testing that Mike and his world-famous mathematician friend put this through before we made it "live," I made some observations based on real-world use of the "Secret Weapon" that convinced me of it's power even more - after the fact.

     First, let me speak for a moment about the "fatal flaws" in the other methods I have observed.  In fact, here is a flaw that many marketers reading this who have used other methods can relate to.  It applies to many of the "fake" statistical methods that marketers sometimes use ...

     OK, imagine you are running a split run test and you use a pre-Secret-Weapon method for determining the "confidence" of your results.  Using one of the methods marketers normally use, you make a determination that one is the winner.  If you let this test continue to run, sometimes the results will "flip flop!"

     The old school method showed that "A" was the winner, but then you let it run for a while longer and you find that "B" won out after all.  That's right - you used the method your marketing guru friend told you was the key to success only to find that you actually should have picked the other version!

     So, what's the point then?  If those methods lead you to make the wrong decision, are they any better than not testing at all?

     In some cases, I'm sorry to say, no ...

     When I was the CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation we overcame these limitations by applying "real" statistics (not the watered down stuff many marketers use) and gathering mountains of data.  The fact is, gathering that amount of data is not practical for you, and it was barely practical for us even with the massive volume of business we conducted.  Because our volume was so high we had the luxury of making some great and extremely reliable observations, but it would have been much better if we had been able to make those judgments a lot faster.

     Without revealing exactly what Mike's algorithm is (you'll learn about it in a document Mike includes with the easy-to-use software) here are just a few of the things that make it superior in every way:

     Dial In Your "Significance"

     With the Secret Weapon I was able to dial in exactly the amount of "significance" that mattered to me "on the fly."  If I wanted to make a faster decision and sacrifice a little accuracy, I could do that on the fly.

     Other methods I've used don't let you do this and still maintain valid results.   Most other methods will just tell you "this one is better" without really saying why or to what degree one is better than an another.  In fact, after conducting numerous tests, I have concluded that many of the results other methods give you are just plain wrong.

     With Secret Weapon, you'll know exactly how much risk you're taking.  You'll take out all of the guess work.

     "Sequential" is One of the Keys

     With most other solutions I've seen, you can't really operate in "real-time."  That is, you can't just test your data, not be happy with the results, and then keep on testing.  The act of doing so will even invalidate your test, so you just have to start all over again.

     That's a little fact very few of the marketers I've spoken to are even aware of.

     Secret Weapon is made for sequential testing.   This was but one of the clinchers for me.  If you aren't happy with the results you have so far, you simply keep on testing until you are.  This is the only way I know of to do this, and that fact alone makes it better than anything else I've seen.

     The Key Secret Weapon Tactic

     There was a way I used the Secret Weapon in making ad copy decisions for Mike that probably gave us the biggest "payload" in terms of results.

     Let's say we were testing headlines.  I like to test a massive number of headlines at once, and frankly most statistical methods don't even support this.   The Secret Weapon would allow me to eliminate bad headlines at an extremely rapid rate.

     See, most people are focused on picking "the winner" but really all they need to do is make an improvement.  It's not a game of "win or lose" but of continuous progressive improvement of "response."

     Finding "the winner" was faster and more accurate with Secret Weapon, but well before I even got there I was able to make substantive improvements to our marketing right off the bat.  KEY: That means increased profits at a much faster rate.

     What's more, once I eliminated those poor headlines, I was able to gather data about the remaining headlines even faster.

     I can't tell you how exciting this process was!  Watching the "dollar per visitor" value go up and up and up while using this tool was like hitting the jackpot in Vegas.  It was using it in this way that we were able to see such tremendous results ... 

3.  The Results Speak for Themselves

     OK, so where does the rubber meet the road here?  All of this sounds great, but does it really pan out in the real world?

     First, let me tell you a joke ...

     Question:  What do you get if you put 100 marketing gurus on top of a hill and give each of them a bullhorn to shout out their marketing theories?

     Answer: A whole lot of noise.

     The point here is that all the theory in the world, no matter how good it sounds, is worth absolutely nothing if there is no practical application for it.  Your inbox is flooded with people trying to give you advice every day and if you tried to listen to all of them you'd be utterly paralyzed.

     Here's something you can use to cut through all that noise.  Here are some facts that will cut through all the noise like a beautiful voice rising above it all ...

     Using this tool, here is a summary of what Mike and I were able to accomplish ...

The Real World Results We Achieved Using This Tool

     Make Your Own Software Results:
    $617,201 in 6 Months*

     This was a brand new company that started fresh out of the gate.  Mike didn't spend a dime on advertising and had zero dollars in start-up capital.

     Three months after it's launch, Mike launched InstantBuzz and this took most of his attention away from Make Your Own Software.  I venture to say that it would have done far better had he kept his focus there, but who knows ...

     Either way, $617,201 in sales is nothing to sneeze at.  Not bad for a 20 year old kid, huh?

     Hey, I'm just the marketing consultant for this project so I'm not going to take away his glory.  Mike came to me for advice, strategic planning, branding, ad-copy, tactical support, and so on ... But this was his baby.   Most clients don't even let on that I'm working behind the scenes - it was Mike's choice to reveal that fact.

     The point is, together we used this tool, in the same way that you will learn to, and that is what rendered these results.

     If a 20 year old computer programmer can learn to do it, do you think you can too?

     InstantBuzz Results:
An Alexa Sub-1000 (Truly Viral) Site in 2 Months

     This was a viral marketing masterpiece.  In just a few days traffic on this site shot up into the stratosphere.  Then, something even more important happened.

     If you look at most viral marketing websites, they follow one of two patterns:

     a) A Rapid Spike in Growth and Then a Drop Off

     People sign up in a flurry and find out that this "viral marketing" isn't so viral at all so they quit.  The Alexa graph for a site like this is easy to spot.  The growth shoots up and then drops off never to rise again.

     b)  Spike - Drop - Spike

     Here you have a site that isn't truly viral, but you do have a very aggressive and smart marketer at the helm.  They get a flood of people to join, then interest drops, and they do another "push" to increase interest again.

     The Alexa graph for this kind of site is distinctive as well.  You'll see a big spike in traffic, then a complete drop off, then another spike, and so on ...  The site isn't really viral, but the marketer in charge keeps trying to make it work.

     c) True Viral Growth

     True Viral Growth is not easy.  It takes a tremendous amount of testing and intelligent planning.  A truly viral website is an incredibly rare thing.  Many attempt it.  Many "say" they are viral.  But the ones that are truly viral (that is, ones that grow of their own accord), are a one-in-a-million thing. 

     A truly viral site will show a consistent upward growth curve for a long long time.  I'm very proud to say that InstantBuzz was such a site.  You can even see this for yourself.  The Alexa graph for this site proves it.

     Here it is - notice how over time the trend is constantly upward.  There are little peaks and valleys, but notice the trend.  That is an awesome sight to behold indeed:

     If you look it up on Alexa today you can see pretty much the same results.  There was a slight drop during the transition of this site to a new owner (which was to be expected), but then it picked right back up and is growing steadily again in the competent hands of new management.

     Compare this to other so-called viral marketing sites and you're in for an eye-opening exercise.

     The Secret Weapon allowed us to make rapid and accurate ad copy and marketing decisions that resulted in this tremendous viral growth.  Without making the right decisions rapidly you just won't see these results.  Without the Secret Weapon it would have taken much longer.

     Enough said?

"OK, Wow!  But Is This Really So Important as to Call it the 'Ultimate Marketing Weapon?'"

YES. Here's Why.

     Actually, hold on a second.  I'll let you ponder this and then you can tell me yourself ...

     Remember at the beginning of this letter I asked you to imagine what your life would be like if you could predict the future?  The faster and more accurately you could determine which business moves would give you profit and which ones would give you loss, the more rapidly you would achieve wealth.

     It's like a game of chess.  Great players project themselves into the future and imagine all of the possibilities.  They imagine all of the possible moves and predict the outcome of each.  It is their ability to make these projections that separate the winners from the losers.  A great player can look into the future and project what moves will allow him to win.  A losing player simply fumbles around and "hopes for the best."

     It's the same in business.  Those who can identify which actions lead to profit and which actions lead to loss will always win. 

     If you could see the future, you would never make a wrong move.

     The Secret Weapon is sort of like that.  Without having to have the mind of a chess genius, it allows you to know precisely how good your advertising decisions are.  Rather than playing the loser's "guessing game" you can be in total control of your decisions.

     Finally, you can once and for all know exactly how good your decisions are: in advance.

     As someone who has been in business for years and has overseen the sale of millions upon millions of dollars of products and services, I can tell you that such a tool, properly used, can give you an advantage over your competitors that will leave them gasping for air.

     Just look at the results I mentioned above.

     Listen, have you ever been "blown away" on running track in school?  Remember that guy that blew by you effortlessly as you struggled along the track?  (We've all been there.)  Well, I imagine that's pretty close to how your competitors will feel after you're armed with this.

     There's absolutely nothing wrong with being your best.  It's your turn to shine and be the one to blow everyone else away.  There's no shame in that.  It's your right!  Take it!

You Have Only Two Weeks ...

     As you know, Mike is going to sell this product for two weeks and then he will pull it off the market for good.   If you don't know the back story, Mike decided to enroll in college for a while so he needs to say goodbye to the business world for now.

     He's making a great decision and he's leaving his businesses in the best possible way: with a very responsible exit strategy.

     Part of that strategy involves releasing this technology to a limited number of people and then pulling it off the market entirely.  Mike doesn't want to turn this into another business or be forced to support a software product for the next few years.

     As such, this software will only be available for purchase between the 18th and 31st of March and then will be pulled from the market foreverThere is a possibility Mike might even pull it off the market before the 31st, so you really need to act now.   If you're reading this, you should consider yourself fortunate.

     Mike doesn't foresee ever again selling his Secret Weapon under any circumstance, so you had better act now.

     Further, Mike has told me that in the event he reaches a certain number of sales before the two weeks are over he may pull this offer early.  I don't know what this number is, but I'm pretty sure he means it.  He genuinely wants this to be over soon even if he has to sacrifice a few sales. 

BEWARE: Dangerous Knock-Offs Will Surface

     I can't tell you the name of the algorithm Mike discovered that is the basis for the Secret Weapon, but you will learn it when the product is fulfilled.

     To prevent people from stealing this idea and confusing you with invalid knock-offs, Mike will not fulfill this product until the 31st of March.  At that time, you will be able to download the complete Secret Weapon package instantly.

     Now, once people start using this and learning what the algorithm is behind it, I give it a maximum of 6 months before knock-offs surface.

     Let me warn you in advance:

     1.  Those Knock-Off Makers Won't Know What Mike Knows

     There are some key ways this algorithm is applied in the Secret Weapon that won't be readily apparent to those who look at the algorithm on the surface.  They may try to reproduce the algorithm, but I sincerely doubt they'll figure out the subtleties that he and his world-class mathematician friend figured out.

     More importantly, they probably won't really understand how to apply this to marketing.  With this, you're getting it straight form the horse's mouth and you learn how to apply it in the same way we did to get these great results.

     No "knock-off" will be able to say that, so keep that in mind.

     2.   Fake Statistics from Charlatans

     I have to tell you, I've seen some online statistical calculators presented by marketers that are just plain dangerously wrong.  I'm sorry to say that these guys just don't know what they're doing and they are leading people down a dark path of superstitious fake statistics.

     I imagine there will be a few attempts at reconstructing the Secret Weapon from these same guys who didn't even understand the marketing statistics of yesterday, so be careful.  It's one thing to say you know a mathematical algorithm.  It's another to know how to actually apply it.

     I tell you this because this will be your only chance to get the Secret Weapon as it was used by me and Mike to render such amazing results.  I'm sorry, but nothing else will compare.  Unless someone can back up their claims with actual stories of results like this then I would be very wary.

     Listen, there was a guy trying to sell me an alternative solution to this problem who wanted to charge me $40,000 for two days of consulting.  Remember how I mentioned that earlier?  Well, it gets worse.  I asked this guy what kinds of results he was getting and he made some outrageous claims about how they tripled the returns for some rather famous companies.

     I asked him if I could talk to someone from those companies to verify his claims and he started to back-track like crazy.

     "Oh, well, uh ... You know, our clients like their anonymity and I can't tell you their names."

     It was really sad.  He expected me to pay him $40,000 to learn a system he didn't understand himself and one that he had absolutely no proof actually worked.  No thanks.

     Frankly, I don't know how they stay in business without giving verifiable proof of their results.

     With Secret Weapon, you can see for yourself from the above graph how successful Mike and I have been making our decisions in this way.  You know who we are and our results are totally verifiable.

Take it for a Trial Run
You Have Absolutely Zero Risk - and Mike is at Your Mercy

     If you're even hesitating for a second about purchasing this, let me point out a few things to you.  There really isn't a decision to make here at all since all of the risk is in Mike's lap - not yours.

     Frankly, you could completely take advantage of Mike and there wouldn't be a thing he could do about it.

     Here are a few reasons why you would truly be absolutely crazy not to take Mike up on this offer immediately.  Don't hesitate.  Don't mull it over - not even for a second.  Here's why:

Reason 1:  Mike Assumes all the Risk (He's Forced to Honor Refunds)

     Mike is using PayPal to process these orders and he absolutely must honor all refund requests.  It doesn't matter your reason - if at any time over the next 60 days you are not satisfied you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.  Period.

     Even if Mike didn't want to give you a refund there is really nothing he could do about it.  All you'd have to do is show PayPal this page and they would refund your money for him - no question.   (Not that it would ever happen.  I'm even going to donate some time from my personal bookkeeper to ensure this all goes smoothly since Mike is getting ready to head off to college.)

Reason 2:  Steal It! Go Ahead

     Once Mike has delivered this product to you (all orders are fulfilled on the via Internet download) there is really nothing he'll ever be able to do to prevent you from using it.

     It's not like he can ask for his electrons back!

     He won't have any mechanism in place that will prevent you from being able to use it after you ask for a refund, so if you were so inclined, you could rip Mike off right now and that would be that.

     You'd be laughing because you'd also have thousands of dollars in stolen bonuses to add to your library as well.  And it would end up costing you zero cents because you asked for a refund.

     Of course if you did this it would be illegal, but this option would be open to you if you were so inclined.  I know that's not you, but you see the point, right?  There really is no risk.

Reason 3:  This Will Only Be Available for Two Weeks

     This isn't just some sales gimmick.  Mike is truly heading off to college and he simply can't sell this product for even a day longer.  He wants to allow a few select people to benefit from it and then pull it off the market for good.

     His thinking was, "Hey, I'm not going to use it so I may as well allow others to benefit."

     I for one am glad he's doing it, and wish he were selling it for longer (I'd require my consulting clients to buy it, that's for sure), but I totally understand that he wants to be "done" and focus completely on college.

     Listen, I spent a day writing up and sending off Letters of Recommendation to the admission offices where Mike is applying, so I know this is the real deal.

     When you visit this page after the 31st it will be gone forever - of that I am certain.

Reason 4:   What If This Tool Were "the Edge" You've Been Looking For?

     Are you struggling with your business?

     It's OK to admit it.  I talk to people who are struggling in business all the time.  The fact is, most businesses in this world are in a constant state of struggle.  It's a fact of life.

     Have you ever thought that just one little thing could tip the scales in your favor?  Have you ever thought that you were just one change away from becoming a millionaire?

     Just ask yourself: if this tool were that change for you and you passed up the opportunity to try it out, how would you feel about yourself later on?  Would you beat yourself up for failing to see opportunity when it was knocking?

     Listen, I can't tell you what this will mean for you personally but I can tell you:

     a)    It made a huge difference in the marketing Mike and I did together - huge.

     b)    All you have to do is try it and see.  You'll get a 60 day risk-free trial.

     You have a full 60 days to test it out and see for yourself what an awesome predictive tool the Secret Weapon is.   If it doesn't work you, you will get back every penny you spent.

Reason 5:   What If This Helped You Make Just One Positive Change to Your Marketing?

     Do you think that market testing could help you to increase your sales by 10%?

     How about even 5%?

     What about even 1%?

     I am here to tell you that with the proper changes your sales can go up even hundreds of times over.  I've seen it happen for myself and for my clients.   But I have no idea what you are going to do with this software, so there are no guarantees.  I can sell you a hammer, but if you don't use it to drive in those nails the hammer will become a rather clumsy looking paperweight.

     What I want you to think about is this, though.  If you were selling a product for $100 and this product only helped you to create 7 extra sales, that would be $700 in your pocket that didn't exist before.  I want you to hold on to this number and remember it for a few minutes.

     $700 out of thin air.  Knowing what you know so far, do you think that's possible? 

     Whether you are capable of that or not, I can't tell you.  As with everything, this is totally up to you.  Remember what I said about the hammer?  But ask yourself if you think even this tiny bit is possible and hold on to that number.

     Before we get to that, let's take a look at what you'll get ...

Take a Risk-Free Trial of ...
Mike Chen's Secret Weapon

plus FREE Bonus Package

This Product Will Only Be Sold for Two Weeks
Possibly Sooner) No More Orders Will Be Taken

Item 1:
Mike Chen's Secret Weapon (Client Version)

This is a downloadable program that you can run on any Windows machine.  It's extremely simple to use and you'll be up and running in seconds.

All you have to do is ... (simplified version)

Step 1.  Enter how many responses each of your marketing test-runs received.

Step 2.  Enter how accurate you want the Secret Weapon to be.

Step 3.  Click on "Calculate"

Step 4.  You have an instant recommendation and full visibility of the strength and weakness of each of your campaigns.

Again, I can't stress enough how important this is.  

This task may seem to be a very simple thing, but the difference it can make in your marketing is utterly profound.

Once you understand how it works (there is a quick and easy "Quick Start Guide" included for math-challenged people like me), your marketing decisions will be easier than ever.

I have to tell you: I wish I had this tool back when I first got started in business.  I shudder to think of how much more money I would have made.

Item 2: 
Mike Chen's Secret Weapon (Server-Side API Version)

Keep in mind that the Secret Weapon is not a tracking tool - it helps you to make accurate decisions with your testing data - that's the important key.

There are hundreds of great tracking tools on the market, so there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel.

As such Mike thought that some people might want to incorporate the Secret Weapon into their testing software in order to speed up the process of analyzing their data.

This API is a "Zend" optimized PHP script with instructions on how you can allow it to communicate with any script of your own.

Personally, this is the only way to go once you get serious about this.  The Client version is great to get started, but as you get deeper and deeper into testing, you'll want to go server side to speed things up.

Anyway, you don't have to make that decision now - you'll have this in your back pocket to deploy when you've reached that level.  It's just good to have ...

Item 3: 
Individual Lifetime License for Each of the Above

You will be licensed to use these for your own business as you see fit.  However, you may not use them to create derivative works to sell.

Naturally this is the case, right?  Otherwise it wouldn't be so exclusive.

Item 4: 
Secret Weapon Lite plus Resale Rights!

Let's face it - the Lite version won't even hold a candle to the full version, but there is one fact you can't deny: once this is pulled from the market there will be thousands gnashing their teeth wishing they had made the right decision today.

You will be able to capitalize on their misfortune and turn Secret Weapon Lite into an income stream - or even as a super-powerful enticement for your offers.

The possibilities are endless.  You get full resale rights for Secret Weapon Lite (but not master resale rights and of course no license to sell the full Secret Weapon, of course).

Even if you don't think you can use the Secret Weapon today, you'd be crazy not to pick up the Resale Rights for Secret Weapon Lite.  The demand for this will be incredible.

Now, here are a few facts about the Resale Rights business I've discovered:

     a)  Like clockwork 95% of the people who get the rights won't ever use them.

If you're worried that a lot of other people will have these rights you should put that thought out of your mind right now.  It's a "non-problem."

When I sold my "Farewell Package" close to 2,000 people got the rights to sell my "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" (CIIM Volume I - the original one).  To this day, I only see a handful of people actually selling it regularly and many of them are reaping a handsome profit.

     b)  It just doesn't matter what price you set.

Some are going to give this away.  Some are going to sell it.  Just like with CIIM Volume I, it just won't matter.  I see CIIM Volume I given away as a free bonus to people for various things on several sites, but somehow the guys selling it for a profit are still able to do so.


Because there are over 6,000,000,000 people on this planet.  Over 6 billion!  Just because a few thousand people in one pocket of the Internet hear about something doesn't mean the rest of the world even has a clue ...

Because of this, these resale rights could be far more valuable than you can imagine.

Included is a ready-to-sell salesletter written by me you can use to sell the Secret Weapon Lite from Day 1!

Again, even if you only purchased this package for the Secret Weapon Lite resale rights you'd be making a very smart business decision.

The First 6 Bonuses are 6 Brand New Recordings of Mark Joyner with Some of the Best Marketing Minds on the Planet

I knew that people purchasing Mike's Secret Weapon would range from total beginners to world-class experts.  As such, I thought that it would be important to give everyone a quick immersion into the world of market testing.

By Mike's special request, I made these special unique recordings exclusively for the purchasers of the Secret Weapon.  These recordings look at tracking and testing from several different angles.

For the rank beginner, you will get a quick crash course in tracking, testing, and increasing your response.  You will be amazed at how easy we make this stuff on these calls.

For the expert, you will learn some valuable tips and secrets that will increase your results almost instantly.  I bet you will go away from these recordings with at least a few pages full of immediately-useful response-increasing nuggets of gold.

Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

(MP3) Special Secret Weapon Call #1:
Mark Joyner with Joe Vitale  (March 2005)
"The 8 Things You Absolutely Must Test"

Joe is one of the greatest marketers alive and probably the earliest real "Internet Marketer" to ever enter the playing field.

Joe gives his secret formula for testing that identifies the exact 8 things you absolutely must test on your website if you want even the slightest chance for success.

Included in the MP3 download of this unedited phone conversation:

  • Learn the 8 Things You Absolutely Must Test on Your Website

  • Learn which of those two Joe and Mark unanimously call "The Hands-Down Most Important"

  • Learn the real secret to Joe's success that will only be revealed in his future products!

  • 5 famous split-run tests that will teach you extremely powerful ad copy principles.

  • Which classic ad copy book that is essential for your library.

  • Can you change just one letter in your ad copy and increase your sales response 5 times over?

  • And much more ...

What you learn in this audio alone should be worth the price Mike is asking for this course.

David Garfinkel
President, Overnight Marketing, Inc.

Special Secret Weapon Call #2:
Mark Joyner with David Garfinkel (March 2005)
"World's Greatest Copywriting Coach Tears Apart One of Mark's Classic Letters"

Years ago I wrote a salesletter for one of the earliest ebook releases on the Internet - for Joe Vitale's "Hypnotic Writing" in fact.

My copywriting has grown by leaps and bounds since those days, but even still that salesletter was responsible for more ebook sales than perhaps any other letter ever written at Aesop Marketing Corporation.

David looks at this now classic letter and shows how I could have improved on it.  I have to tell you - had I followed David's advice it truly would have been better.

The insider secrets you will learn from listening to this exclusive interview are absolutely priceless.

  • Learn the Insider History of eBook Marketing

  • Find out the hidden secret inside of you that will increase the effectiveness of your salesletters ten-fold.

  • Exactly how to zero-in on your "winning formula."

  • The 3 key principles to sales-churning ad copy that both Mark and David agree will explode your profits instantly.

  • The subtle psychological tactics that made this salesletter a world-class best-seller.

  • How to "frame" your offers so that even bad marketing will pull like crazy.

  • The real secret behind the success of the famous "million dollar day" and how you can reverse engineer it in a snap.

  • The extremely subtle and clever tactic used in this sales letter that inspired people to buy instantly.

  • The "6 internal emotional questions" people ask themselves before making a buying decision.

  • And much more ...

Russell Brunson
CEO, SublimeNet, Inc.

Josh Anderson
CEO, Internet Business Ideas, LLC

(MP3) Special Secret Weapon Call #3:
Mark Joyner with Anderson / Brunson (March 2005)
"The Complete Newbie's Guide to Testing"

Josh Anderson and Russell Brunson are two new faces in the Internet Marketing world, but have been quickly risen to fame as the creators of quite a few innovative and highly successful products.

Josh and Russell are new to the area of market testing and grilled me on how it's done from square one.

If you are totally foreign to the concept of ad testing, you should start here.  You'll be walked through from the very basic concepts on up to the point where you can use the application you now have.   If you don't know anything about testing this call with change your life.

  • Real-world easy-to-understand examples of how to perform a market test.  This makes it ridiculously easy for you!

  • Testing errors that novices make and will render your results completely useless.   If you don't know these secrets you may as well not test at all!

  • Understand at a basic level exactly how market testing can send your profits surging through the roof in very little time.

  • The absolute drop-dead basic principle of split-run testing you must always follow.  If you don't follow this, you are not even running a real test.

  • Where to find software to make tracking your campaigns a snap.

  • What exactly is an a/b split test?  What does "tracking" mean"  What is "return on investment?"  You'll learn all of the basics!

  • How to alter the consciousness of a person with the power of just a few magic words.

  • And much more ...

Jason Mangrum
Author, "Inside the Marketing Machine"

Special Secret Weapon Call #4:
Mark Joyner with Jason Mangrum (March 2005)
"The YES Game"

Is it possible to make market testing so easy and fun that it really boils down to a simple game?

What if making money were just like playing a video game?

According to Jason Mangrum it is and after our conversation I have to agree!

After listening to this audio marketing will never be a difficult challenge for you again.

  • Learn how to turn marketing into an incredibly simple game that will make increasing your profits just like playing a fun and easy video game.

  • How to increase your response for virtually any action you want (sales, subscriptions, anything ...)

  • Joe Sugarman's secret ad copy model that shows you how to grab your reader by the hand and lead them to the "order" button effortlessly.

  • How Jason switched the order of something on his website that doubled his sales without changing a single line of copy.

  • And much more ...

Special Secret Weapon Call #5:
Mark Joyner with Gary Ambrose (March 2005)
"How a Marketing-Dummy Went from Rags to Riches Through Testing"

Gary Ambrose is a fantastic software developer responsible for many of the interesting innovations you see on the websites you visit today.

While Gary was a brilliant developer, he knew absolutely nothing about marketing when he first started marketing products and services on the Internet.

Learn how Gary started applying market tests to his business in order to generate truly astounding results.

  • Little tricks Gary used to triple the opt-in rate to his newsletters ...

  • Log file analysis basics ... Learn what's important and what's not.

  • There are website changes you could be focusing on right now that are a total waste of time ...  Find out what to focus on and what to ignore to shave years off your learning curve.

  • Listen to real-world examples of how you could start applying the Secret Weapon to your marketing today in order to increase your sales in a snap.  This is hard proof from two experienced marketers that this tool works!

  • And much more ...

Mike Filsaime
CEO, InstantBuzz

Special Secret Weapon Call #6:
Mark Joyner with Mike Filsaime (March 2005)
"The $40,000 Moment"

Mike Filsaime was a total testing novice before an experience he had with me and Mike Chen.  Mike Chen and I devised a tiny test for Mike Filsaime that made him $40,000 in one day.

Mike Filsaime was doing some amazing things before he learned about testing, but after that experience he turned into a testing convert.

  • Learn exactly how we crafted the famous offer that made Mike Filsaime $40,000 in a day just by adding a line of code to one of his existing websites.

  • Learn the split-testing tactics we used to optimize that offer in real-time.

  • How Mike found hidden money sitting on his website that was there ready for him to take at a moments notice had he only known where to look!

  • And much more ...

PayPal/Click Bank Affiliate Management Script
Complete with Resale Rights!

Mike was going to sell this for $997 but you'll get it for free.  Since he's going to college he just isn't going to have the time to sell this ...

What does it do?  Well, as you know ClickBank has it's own built-in affiliate program software.  Some people really like to pay with PayPal, though and if you don't offer this as an option, you're going to lose sales.

The problem is, if you offer PayPal as well as ClickBank and all of your affiliates are on ClickBank they will lose credit for all of the sales that go through PayPal - until now.

The script allows your affiliates to sign up and then enter all of their appropriate information - and then they are off and promoting a single URL without having to worry about losing credit for sales.  And you now get to offer both PayPal and ClickBank (or just PayPal) and stop losing sales!

You not only get the script, but the full source code and resale rights.

You may have seen Mike offering this script before, but not with Resale Rights.  Only valid Secret Weapon owners get that.

"Make Your Own Software" Back-End Source
Complete Back-Office Source Code for the Mega Best-Seller!

I have to warn you about this - this is not some simple plug and play fully documented source code ready for distribution.

This is the undocumented full back-office source code that ran this entire business from A to Z.

NOTE: You're not getting the source code to Make Your Own Software the application itself or any resale rights.

Without some programming skill, this may be worthless to you, but here's what's included:

  • Affiliate Management Script
  • Ad Tracking Script
  • Ad Rotation Script
  • Automated Help Desk
  • Customer Care Ticket System
  • Intranet
  • And more ...

Again, this source is totally undocumented and it not meant for distribution so there are not guarantees you'll be able to get this up and running.  Don't get this expecting to plug it in and play.  It's the raw PHP source code for you to use as you see fit (includes a single license for your business).

Let's Add All This Up

Secret Weapon Client, Server, and Lifetime License

This is the price I would have recommended Mike use for this if he were to sell it as a regular product for the long term.  Even at this price it would have been a bargain.

Secret Weapon Lite plus Resale Rights

Frankly, I wouldn't have recommended that Mike give away these resale rights at all.  These are way too valuable.

Vitale/Joyner MP3
"The 8 Things You Absolutely Must Test"
Garfinkel/Joyner MP3
"David Picks Apart a Classic"
Brunson/Anderson/Joyner MP3
"Complete Newbie's Guide to Testing"
Mangrum/Joyner MP3
"The YES Game"
Ambrose/Joyner MP3
"The Marketing Dummy Goes from Rags to Riches"
Filsaime/Joyner MP3
"The $40,000 Day that Made Mike a Testing Fanatic"
PayPal/ClickBank Affiliate Management Script
with Resale Rights
MYOS Back-Office Source PRICLESS

Total Value:


Before I tell you the actual price, please read the following ...

1.  If you wanted, you could hire one of these new-fangled consultants to teach you their system (one that I believe isn't even valid for marketing) for $40,000.

They would come in to your office for two days (oh yeah, they'd ask you to pay for their air fare and lodging, too) and teach you a system that they claim will optimize your advertising results (you can only take their word for it - they offer no proof whatsoever).

2.  You could actually carry on not verifying the results of your testing (or using invalid methods to validate them) and run the risk of making the wrong decisions.

Instead of increasing your profits, your market testing without the Secret Weapon could in fact be lowering your profits.

Remember what I said about "leaving money on the table?"  Carrying on without the Secret Weapon could be even worse than that.

3.  You may look at this price and wonder why it is so low.

The price you're about to read may shock you because it's so low.  Don't be fooled.  This is a world-class tool without parallel.  The only reason Mike is offering this tool at such a low price is quite simple: he wants to make sure everyone who sees it has a fair chance to get it.  Because it's only available for two weeks, you don't really have that much time to think about it.  If you were to pay the full value of this package you'd naturally need some time to make that decision.  At the price Mike has set, you don't really need to think - in fact, because it's a risk-free trial there is no decision to make and no risk.

That's just smart marketing.

So, how much are you going to pay?  Well, if you were going to buy a new computer, you'd probably pay at least $1,299 without blinking an eye for a decent one.

If you were considering a direct mail campaign for your business, it would probably cost you at least $2,940 to even get it started and many times more over time.

   You get this entire package and lifetime license for:  $4,573.00

(fully refundable and tax deductible one-time fee)

... but you must act right now - this offer will expire about two weeks if not sooner.

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
No Questions Asked - So Why Not Give it a Trial Run?

Yes!  I want to once-and-for-all take the guesswork out of my marketing.  Please reserve my copy of Mike Chen's Secret Weapon (with a full lifetime license) today on a risk-free trial basis for the low one-time fully-refundable and tax deductible price of $497

I understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason, I am entitled to a full refund - no questions asked - any time up to 60 days after I complete my purchase.  I also understand that I will be given the complete bonus package listed above without paying an extra dime again ever.   I understand I will get all of this for the one time fully refundable and tax deductible price of $497.  That's right.  This entire purchase is tax deductible as a business expense.  If I decide I want to keep the software I simply do nothing.  My card has been charged and I now have a lifetime license.

"Thanks for releasing this tool... it will make my life easier and my bank account fatter ..."
Frank Mullen
(selected as an early beta tester)

Yes, I understand that since Mike is going to college after this, no direct support is available.  Full documentation and instructions for this very simple software are included and the MP3 files included will make understanding it a snap. User communities will inevitably surface and we will inform you of them as they are available.

Yes, I understand that I do this today on a risk-free trial basis only.  I will pay the full price of $497 today and am entitled to a full refund any time, for any reason, up to 60 days from today.  If I decide to keep the product with a full lifetime license, I simply do nothing and I am entitled to keep and use it for life.

Yes, I understand that the product will be delivered today.  Secret Weapon and Bonus Package will be delivered via electronic download instantly.

Yes, I have read, understand and AGREE to the terms, conditions, and disclaimers.

"It's simple. There are going to be two groups of people: Those who have Mike Chen's Secret Weapon and those who will be dominated by them."
Mike Filsaime
New Owner of

Take a Risk-Free Trial Today!
Try Now - Decide Later
One Time Refundable Fee

Product delivered To You Instantly

"Mike, I've been using your 'Secret Weapon' with one of my products. It had been averaging about $100 a day at 2% conversion rate. I'm now up to a 3% conversion rate just 24 hours later. I realized that over the next 365 days - that will put another $18,250 into my pocket and this is just the beginning.  Thank you!"*
Russell Brunson

*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER:  Results are not typical.  Your Results may vary.  We make no claim that you will earn any income using this tool whatsoever.  Where specific figures are quoted from individuals there is no assurance you will do as well.  You must assume the risk that you will not earn any income from this product.

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