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All Roads Lead To Talking About This Damn Virus

All Roads Lead To Talking About This Damn Virus

From Trump fundraising letters to an exploration of the externalities created by illness, there’s something for everyone in this week’s episode of Told You So!

Feeling blue as a result of being stuck at home? Join your hosts for a rundown on the books and TV shows they’ve been enjoying in an effort to stave off cabin fever on this week’s Told You So!

While COVID-19 concerns run rampant, the world is hunkering down – but could there be a few silver linings around this cloud of bad news? Join your hosts for their first ever remote recorded episode of Told You So!

PS, thanks for bearing with us as we upgrade our technology – the audio quality will be better in the next episode!

With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, it’s time to surround yourself with a protective hoard of toilet paper and hunker down with your hosts! Explore pandemic response, the irrationality of crowds, and just how potentially harmful something has to be before it’s actually considered harmful on this week’s episode of Told You So!

We’re back! Join your hosts for an exploration of the education landscape in New Hampshire – and look out every Sunday for a new episode of Told You So!

This week’s episode of Told You So features our first ever guest, Lyn Ulbricht! She is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, a young man who found himself in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors after creating Silk Road, a cryptocurrency-powered global marketplace. A first time offender who was never charged with any violent crimes, Ross is currently serving two life sentences plus 40 years without the possibility of parole.

Dive into the details of Ross’s case, a discussion of the serious problems with sentencing and the abuse of plea deals in our criminal justice system, and much more on this week’s Told You So!

If this episode moved you to help Ross, you can get more information at this link.

People have eaten in strange and baffling ways for thousands of years – and your hosts are performing some experiments of their own! Join Carla (on day five of a fast) and Brinck (on hour 2 of a fast) for this week’s episode of Told You So!

We’re so glad to be back in this exciting new decade! Join your hosts in an exploration of what they’re hoping to accomplish in 2020 on this week’s episode of Told You So!

Living in the modern world is hard – there’s more information than ever at everyone’s fingertips, but public discourse isn’t getting more enlightened. How can people with the same information come to such radically different conclusions? Join your hosts to think about the way people think on this week’s Told You So!

New revelations from the Washington Post have blown the lid off almost two decades and two administrations lying about the war in Afghanistan. Dive into the damning details with your hosts on this week’s Told You So!


Discussed on this show:

At War With The Truth by Craig Whitlock from the Washington Post

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All Roads Lead To Talking About This Damn Virus

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