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428 Most Powerful Remedies That We Lost to History

Attn: The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis is one of the top Book of Remedies is available today. It will give you full vivid information regarding plants which effectively heal you from inside out and This Book of Remedies, www.lostbookofremedies.com, will also show you how to avoid mistaken dangerous plants.



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The Lost Book of Remedies is helping Americans achieve medical self-sufficiency even in the darkest times using the time-tested methods
of our grandparents without spending lots of money on toxic drugs and without side effects

For every healing plant in my grandfather’s Lost Book of Remedies, you’ll find several pictures that will help you identify it. You’ll
also discover the little things you need to look for in order to be 100% sure you’ve got the right plant and not a lookalike.

This part goes extremely in depth so that people with no plant knowledge can use it to its full potential. I gathered medicinal
plants for my grandpa when I was just 12. If I did it back then, I’m sure you can do it now too.

With hundreds of healing plants, I knew I had to find a way for people to quickly pinpoint the one they need. So first I grouped
them by type and location.

Even if you’re living in the city, it’s kind of hard not to bump into it. What you probably don’t know is that it’s a powerful
anti-inflammatory that helps wounds heal a LOT faster.

I’ll show you how to make a poultice out of its leaves and use it to dress your wounds or cuts.

Or if you or one of your friends is suffering from an autoimmune disease like arthritis, you can use this as a remedy immediately.

…but maybe you wouldn’t recognize the Marshmallow plant growing in your backyard.

Marshmallow plant with flowers:

But I’ll show you how my grandfather unlocked the powerful antiviral properties hidden in its roots.

So, whenever you have an infection caused by a virus like flu, herpes, or hepatitis A, B, or C, this remedy will slow down the
viruses’ ability to reproduce and allow your body to fight back.

A Scottish doctor observed that symptoms of rattlesnake bites resembled the advanced stages of pneumonia and lung disease, so he
tried it out… and it was so effective that soon the plant was exported to Europe, where it continued to save many lives.

My grandfather would turn it into an expectorant that cleared the lungs of his patients and expelled any mucus. If you ever have
any kind of lung problems from the flu or a nagging cough that just won’t go away, don’t rush out to buy a pack of Mucinex for $35.

In this huge chapter, you’ll find all the other medicinal weeds and backyard plants that are hidden around your property. You’ve
got a homegrown pharmacy that you don’t even know about! Most of these plants are edible and can provide you with precious nutrients
if you ever run low on food. This goes for all the plants you’ll find in The Lost Book of Remedies-not only will you learn what parts
of the plants are edible, but I’ll also show you how to prepare them.

The Native Americans knew all too well, and so did my grandfather. But very few people nowadays know, so don’t feel bad if you
don’t. These kinds of skills will set you apart in any group… and will probably turn you into their guide or even savior.

I’m also sure that you’ve seen this plant too. It grows in most forest glades.

You’ll discover how to use it to effectively treat not only common colds but lung infections as well. Breathing in the steam from
leaves that have been boiled in water will also calm any asthma attack.

This is why 100 years ago people with asthma didn’t die from it.

…you can bet you’ve just passed by this plant:

The best way to deal with this annoying weed?

Eat it!

Native Americans used it as a sweetener 200 years ago, and it tastes better than all the greens I know.

What people don’t know is that this plant is a strong diuretic that you can also take for poor blood circulation. If you’ve ever
felt a tingling and numbness sensation in a limb in certain positions, you probably have bad circulation. I’ve seen my grandfather’s
patients go from dizzy and tired most of the time to having an excess of energy in less than three weeks.

Most of these are spread all over America as well.

…which can be easily turned into one of the most powerful Antipyretics. This means that it drastically reduces the fever.
If fact, the name “Boneset” was derived from the plant’s use in the treatment of Breakbone Fever.

The folk name of this plants is the Cowboy’s Toilet Paper. If you’ve ever touched its soft leaves, you understand why.

If you ever get an infected wound or cut, just apply The Frontier Poultice you’ll find in my grandfather’s notebook. I personally
haven’t seen a modern bandage that heals wounds faster and better than this.

And I’ll also show you the strange reason why putting a leaf of this plant in your shoes in the morning is as good as a cold
shower and a cup of coffee.

This plant is high in Vitamin K, the vitamin that coagulates the blood. It is the powdered vitamin that was given to soldiers in
WWII to pour over their wounds if they were shot. My grandfather used it when the bandages ran out and his brothers in arms were
bleeding to death. I hope you never find yourself looking down at a wound that just won’t stop bleeding, but if you do, be sure the
frontier poultice is your best shot-other than being in the ICU. And if you or a loved one has diabetes or problems with coagulation
or wound healing, make sure you have this healing cataplasm around your home without delay.

If you find cattails, you’ll have all the things needed for survival: water, food, shelter, and fuel.

You probably already know cattails are edible, but I doubt you know how tasty they are. I’ll show you how I cook them in the field
and at home and how to turn them into flour.

But probably the most important and least known thing about cattails is the jelly-like substance that grows between its leaves.

My grandfather prescribed it for most severe skin infections. And let me tell you, it’s nothing short of a miracle. I’ve seen
abscesses the size of a plate healing in just days. This gel is also one of the best cures for nail and foot fungus.

On a different note, this gel is the only part of the cattail that is widely considered to not be edible. It’s not poisonous… so
why isn’t it edible?

Well, because it has a powerful numbing effect on moist tissues. It has even been used as a Novocaine substitute. Yes, it’s an
anesthetic that you can use in many, many situations. When the pioneers were hit with a ravaging toothache, they would just go get
their jar of cattail ooze and rub it around their gums. The pain would subside in minutes.

You don’t need much more than this to stay alive. But only a handful of people still know this lost skill. So, if you’re an
old-timer like me or my grandfather, get ready to use this knowledge for its full potential.

You might even have scraped yourself on one of its thorns as a child.

The Native Americans would cook its honey-sweet pods and eat them. The sharp young spines were used as pins, nails, spear points,
and animal traps during the Civil War, when the South suffered many shortages.

According to a recent medical study at Michigan State University, the flowers of this tree strongly prevent the spread and growth
of prostate, breast, colon, and lung tumors.

You’ll find all of these things in The Lost Book of Remedies.

Really, there’s too much to say here. There are hundreds of plants you’ll find in my grandfather’s book, and you’ll learn how to
turn them into powerful cures.

Medicines in the past ALL originated from plants, until companies started making synthetic versions. This forgotten wisdom should
be brought back. Today is your chance to play a role in doing that by putting The Lost Book of Remedies where it belongs: on your
bookshelf or in your medicine cabinet.

These are the cures of my childhood and, if you’ve been here a while, maybe yours as well.

I’m talking about the common folk remedies they used to bring down fever, cure a sore throat, banish the flu, and many, many more.
They used only common household items that you probably have in your cupboard right this second…

As I’ve told you before, this is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in The Lost Book of Remedies. My grandfather’s lifetime
work is captured inside, but it’s not just that. It’s your grandparents’ work too… and the generation before them.

Over hundreds of years, they conducted the longest, largest, and most honest clinical trial ever.

It’s one that pharmaceutical companies’ self-funded clinical trials rarely match. With big money on the line, they need these trials
to validate their drugs. That’s why many pills on the market today have a minimal effect or no effect at all.

The first report you’ll get is The 72 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Back Yard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk out into your back yard and find the medicine you need growing right there?

If you think about it, 72 square feet is a very small piece of land; it’s only 12 feet by 6 feet (3m x 2.2m). So no matter how
small your backyard is, you can grow your own natural remedies there.

*Digital format

I’ll show you how to make a raised garden bed just like mine with the most effective medicinal plants you need as well as how to
plant and harvest them.

You’ll have the ingredients for my grandfather’s remedies within reach, so your medicinal garden will stand toe to toe with any
conventional pharmacy.

The second report you’ll get is called Disaster Medicine: A Handbook for When Help Is NOT on the Way.

In a cataclysmic crisis, you can bet help is not coming from anyone but yourself. In this bonus, you’ll find the 20 most common
infections and diseases you could catch during a crisis, and you’ll learn how to diagnose and how to treat them

*Digital format

In a crisis, they’ll account for more than 95% of medical fatalities. And all that is just scratching the surface of what this bonus
has in store for you.

Go through it at your own pace, and discover all the miraculous plants and remedies found within.

If at any time during those 60 days you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with the results, send me an e-mail, and I’ll give
you back every cent. It’s as simple as that!

Also, if you use The Lost Book of Remedies to replace current drugs and you don’t end up saving at least $37, I’ll send
you a full refund-no questions asked.

If you choose to place The Lost Book of Remedies on your bookshelf, you’ll also get these two exclusive bonuses that are worth $29
each… FOR FREE… and unlimited access to the members’ area, where you can ask me anything at any time. I will be there to answer
your questions and to help you if you need any clarification on anything.

So today, you can get your own copy of The Lost Book of Remedies and the two bonuses for a one-time payment of just $37.

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An Excerpt From Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework


Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Today, enterprise organizations are attempting to use managerial mechanisms from previous ages to direct software delivery in this one. IT and software delivery costs have been growing for decades, yet our organizations do not have adequate visibility or understanding of what is now one of the largest costs of doing business. Meanwhile, the tech giants and digital startups have already mastered the managerial frameworks necessary to succeed in the Age of Software. So have many of the technologists working within enterprises, and these technologists are pushing hard on their organizations to deploy the DevOps and Agile practices that they know are critical to transformation.

The problem is that the principles of modern software delivery approaches are not translating to the business. For example, enterprises are still managing IT as a set of projects or a cost center, rather than taking the product-oriented mentality that defined the winners of the Age of Mass Production.

We need our businesses to adapt to this product-oriented mindset and to do so in a way that supports the vast differences between producing physical widgets and infinitely malleable software components. We need a new framework, one that elevates the best practices of Agile and Lean frameworks to the business. We need to define business outcome-oriented metrics instead of relying on activity-oriented proxy metrics.

The Flow Framework is a new approach for connecting the business to technology. The Flow Framework is not intended to help you spot market shifts or strategize offerings that will disintermediate disruptors; it is intended to provide you with a layer that bridges the gap between business strategy and technology delivery. The Flow Framework opens up the black box of IT so you can create an organization-wide feedback loop, accelerating the flow of business value to customers and the organizational learning to adapt as the market continues through the second half of the Age of Software.

By the time data is available to analysts and researchers it will be too late. The winners and losers of the Age of Software will have gained enough market share that those applying management techniques of previous ages will find it difficult or impossible to catch up without regulation or other forms of government intervention. We see signs of this already: whenever Amazon’s share price goes up, the share price of retailers like Target, Walmart, and Nordstrom’s goes down;  and vice versa. This does not represent typical market dynamics. We are seeing a zero-sum game that will keep playing itself out industry by industry as we continue to head through the Turning Point.

Numerous methodologies and frameworks exist for transforming, modernizing, and reengineering every aspect of your business. Some, like the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), are focused on enterprise software delivery. Recent advances in DevOps practices address bottlenecks in how software is built and released. Other frameworks, like Moore’s Zone Management, address transformation from a business reengineering point of view.

Such practices and frameworks are as relevant as ever, and the Flow Framework assumes that the best-suited practices for your business are already underway. The role of the Flow Framework is to ensure that the business-level frameworks and transformation initiatives are connected to the technical ones. It is the isolation of these initiatives that is causing so many transformations to stall or to fail.

To achieve the Three Ways of DevOps—flow, feedback, and continuous learning—we need to scale the ways of DevOps beyond IT to the business. We need a new framework to plan, monitor, and ensure the success of today’s software-centric digital transformations. This new framework cannot be separate from the business; it must be connected directly to the measurement of business objectives and key results. It also cannot ignore the idiosyncrasies of software development or assume that software can be managed like manufacturing. And it cannot be overly focused on one aspect of software delivery, be that development, operations, or customer success.

The new framework must encapsulate the management of large-scale software delivery in a similar way to how value stream mapping, enterprise-request processing, and supply-chain management provided the managerial building blocks needed to master manufacturing. This is the role of the Flow Framework.

In today’s enterprise IT organizations, not just the staff but the leadership have problems answering the questions most fundamental to production:

The Flow Framework provides a simple path to answering these questions. There are key staff within your organization who already know the answers, but their efforts and vision need to be connected to an organizational strategy and approach. Most important, it provides you with a way of connecting your Value Stream Network, measuring the flow of business value and correlating that to your strategy and business outcomes. The Flow Framework will allow you to:

A digital organization that competes without a connected and visible Value Stream Network will become akin to a manufacturer trying to compete in the last age without an electrical network. These organizations will learn that managing IT without flow metrics or something equivalent is like managing a cloud infrastructure without a mechanism for measuring the cost of electricity and computer power.

A large gap exists between what technologists have learned about effective software delivery and how businesses approach software projects. While DevOps and Agile principles have made a significant impact on how technologists work, they have been overly technology-centric and have not been adopted broadly by business stakeholders. To bridge the gap, we need a new kind of framework that spans the language of the business with the language of technology and enables the transition from project to product. We need that framework to scale the three ways of DevOps—flow, feedback, and continuous learning—to the entire business. This is the goal of the Flow Framework.

Project to ProductDr. Mik Kersten is the CEO of Tasktop and author of Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework, releasing nationwide November 20, 2018. For more information, please visit www.tasktop.com/mik-kersten.

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How to Get Referrals and Recommendations


Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018
Referrals are an invaluable source of new customers for small businesses. When a friend or colleague recommends your business, the selling is already done for you. Here’s how you can encourage existing customers to give you referrals and good reviews online. 

Customer referrals are one of the leading sources of business for service contractors, consultants, and many other types of small businesses. When a customer is ready to hire a contractor or buy a product, they often start by asking family members, friends and business associates for recommendations. Alternately, they may have heard someone praising a product or service, or noticed a contractor working at a friend’s house or business, and ask those contacts how satisfied they were with the work.

Another thing they do before they making a purchase is go online and look for ratings, reviews and comments posted on social media pages, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and similar resources.

As a small business owner, you probably realize that those personal recommendations, testimonials and good reviews are invaluable for your business. They help you acquire customers without having to “sell” people on hiring you. But if you’re not getting referrals and high ratings, what can you do about it? Here are 13 strategies that work.

This should be a no-brainer, but one of the reasons homeowners and businesses look for and rely on referrals to find contractors is because they’ve had bad experiences or heard stories from friends and associates about contractors that did bad work, were unreliable, untrustworthy or unprofessional. Among common customer complaints are:

In many occupations, a variety of separate skills and independent contractors are often needed to complete a job. Get to know these people in your field (i.e., if you’re a carpenter, get to know the good electricians and plumbers, for instance), and then talk to them about referring business to one another. Be sure the people in your network are worthy of referral, since your customers will be unhappy if you refer them to someone who doesn’t do a good job.

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While it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time or money doing non-billable work for customers, if you’re doing a major project for a client, doing a small, extra task at no charge can get you some great referrals. For example, a home improvement contractor was finishing a basement for a family and noticed that there was no handrail on the two steps leading to the front door of the home. One of the homeowners had trouble climbing stairs, so the contractor built the customer a railing for the front steps at no charge out of materials he had left over from another job. The homeowner was so pleased with the way the basement came out and the fact this contractor added the outdoor railing at no charge that he mentioned the contractor’s name to several friends, and the contractor wound up getting several new jobs as a result.

Your customers may love what they bought from you, but they may not think about referring you to anyone, if you don’t ask them to. The time to ask is right after you’ve finished their job, or completed a sale. Be specific when you ask. Don’t just ask the customer to tell their friends about you. Ask if they know anyone who’s looking for your services, and if they say yes, ask if they’ll give you the person’s name.

That way they won’t have to write out your business name and phone number if friends ask for recommendations. They can just hand them a card. Include a magnetized business card or two, particularly if you perform services for consumers. Those may get used to tack up notes on the fridge, making your name and phone number easy to find.

If they say “Yes,” help them to take action by sending them an email that includes a link they can click on to rate your site on your Google or on other social media sites on which you’d like reviews.

If a customer praises your work to you in person, ask them if they would post the comment on your social media page. If they agree, write down the comment and send it to them in email along with the link to post it. That way they just have to copy and paste – they don’t have to try to remember what they told you or think of anything new. Another option: ask the person for permission to post the comment they made as a testimonial on your website.

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One way to get referrals is to have your business name and logo seen in a lot of places. One way of accomplishing that – particularly in small towns – is to be sure the name and phone number are prominently displayed on your vehicle. If you’re using a vehicle that you don’t want to have painted with your business name (your family car or van, for instance) get magnetic signs and attach those to your vehicle.

If the nature of your business is such that the work you do at job sites spans several days or weeks, set up yard signs on the properties you’re working at. The signs should be large enough so your name and phone number can be read from the road. That way curious passersby (and in most neighborhoods, that will be pretty much everyone who passes by) can see who is doing the work without contacting the property owners.

The type and size of the reward would depend on the types of jobs (and their cost) that you normally do. A company that installs air conditioners and heat pumps in homes gave a customer a $100 Visa® gift card after they got an $18,000 job as a result of the customer’s recommendation.

If the nature of your business doesn’t lend itself to rewarding people for referrals (or if doing so is prohibited by law or industry standards), send a handwritten note thanking the person for their referral. Doing so accomplished two things. It shows the person who made the referral that you appreciate them. And, it shows the person who made the referral that their customer, client, or patient followed up on their suggestion.

The owner of a landscaping and lawn service sponsors a community beautification program each year that plants flowers along a main road in the town. A woman who creates and sells gift baskets gives gift baskets to several community groups to raffle off at fund raising events. The events include her business name in the promotions for the auctions. Just showing up regularly and talking with other members of local groups will help you get known and recommended, too.

Even though you strive to do be excellent at what you do, you may still get an occasional complaint from a customer. Sometimes things just go wrong. When they do, fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you’re dealing with an irate customer whose complaint you think is unfounded, you should still politely try to resolve the dispute (and keep a record of the things you offered to do, and their response.) The reason: Unhappy customers don’t just complain about their experience to friends and family, they go online and post negative reviews on your social media pages, social media review sites, the Better Business Bureau, and other places, effectively spreading a negative review about you to thousands of possible customers. If you make a good-faith effort to solve their grievance, it may keep them from posting negative reviews. 

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About the author:
Janet Attard is the founder of the award-winning  Business Know-How small business web site and information resource. Janet is also the author of The Home Office And Small Business Answer Book and of Business Know-How: An Operational Guide For Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses with Limited Budgets.  Follow Janet on Twitter and on LinkedIn


100% Natural Remedies For Improving Your Kidney Function | www.Healkidneydisease.com

Kidney Disease is an extreme serious sickness has taken many lifes. It is so well known and concerns and have caused even doctors giving up. Please read followings which you will understand more what it is. What actually caused the desease and full of hope you will find the exact cure of it.

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Kidney Disease Reversed!

Reversed The Damage To My Failing Kidneys…

Rose“My muscle cramps gone! I have a better appetite, and my skin not as itchy and dry.

The swelling in my legs and feet is reduced. And the best thing is my blood pressure is lower!

I don’t have to worry about dialysis anymore and not living a normal life.

I felt this was the right thing for me and I am so happy I tried it!”

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NO More Dialysis!

My Kidney Doctor Says I Don’t Need Dialysis…

Richard“I don’t have headaches or daily nausea anymore and that is a true God send!

When I started the program I was surprised it was easier than I thought to make the simple changes I needed to do to reverse my kidney damage.

My medical doctor was really surprised at my recovery with this program.

And the best part is I don’t have to go to dialysis anymore!”

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Kidney Damage Stage Reduced!

Stage 3 Reduced to Stage 2 Kidney Disease…


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Gladys“I followed the diet and took the herbal remedies and I reversed the severity of my kidney disease from a stage 3 to a 2!

I am thrilled with my results! I will continue to take the natural herbal treatments and do the diet to help improve my kidney function even more in the coming weeks. My life is changing for the better. I am so happy to say my renal doctor says my kidney disease is reversing!”

– Gladys Martinez – FL, U.S.A.

Kidney Health Improved With Simple Diet Changes!

I Only Used The Diet And 1 supplement And Still Got Good Results…

Davin“I wonder if I can improve my kidney health even further.

I know because of my good results I will certainly keep using the suggested diet and supplement with this natural treatment program.

In fact, I couldn’t afford the other products and just stuck to the diet and the one supplement and still got improvement in kidney function.

– Davin Blake

Helped Hypertensive Kidneys!

Unlike Any Other Books On Kidney Disease…

Marie Uk“This program is unlike any other books on kidney disease that I have read.

I learned so much I feel like an expert on how to improve and heal my kidneys with natural remedies from the inside of my body out!

These techniques and the diet have helped improve my kidney function very quickly.

It even helped reverse the severity of my hypertensive kidney disease damage.

– Marie – United Kingdom

Kidney Numbers Improved!

I Was Skeptical But I Had Nothing To Lose…

Maryhall“I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing like my doctors suggested.

They didn’t want me to do anything or to take herbs or herbal remedies, but I had to try something – they just wanted me to do dialysis!

This program allowed me to take control of my health. I went from Stage 4 to Stage 3 kidney disease.

It was easy to do and my BUN, creatinine and anemia are all in better ranges.”

– Mary Hall – Alameda, CA

This Program Is So Powerful It Has Been Doctor Reviewed & Approved …

Dr Radu Kramer 2Medical Doctor “Nephrologist” Approved

“This is a wonderful program. I read this with amazement and believe this can help MANY people with kidney disease. I recommend it to patients and have seen the results first hand. This program can help anyone with renal disease”

~ Dr. Radu Kramer, Nephrologist
New Jersey

“What I Turn To for My Chronic Kidney Disease Patients… I Highly Recommend This!”

Drknox“After speaking to Robert and looking into the references I know recommend this program to anyone with kidney disease. The patients I have given this program to are doing well, with improvements in their symptoms and kidney disease states.”

Dr. Knox D.C. – Chiropractic Doctor (Canada)

Wondering what this incredible
‘kidney restoration program’ is?

Just read on to find out more. But first you need to know this…


Robert Galarowicz SmDear Kidney Disease Sufferer,

Hi, my name is Robert Galarowicz.

I suffered with stage 5 kidney disease and my kidneys failed me!

I was lucky enough and young enough to get a kidney transplant.

But now I have to deal with transplant anti-rejection drugs and having a higher risk of not only that my kidney may be rejected by my body — but HIGHER RISK OF DIABETES AND EVEN… CANCER!

So I KNOW from horrible past experiences with my own kidney failure what you could suffer — if you don’t do something to reverse your problems with kidney disease right now!

Here’s what happened to me…

I Was Only 22
When My Doctor Told Me…
Your Kidneys Are Killing You!

I suffered with a constant FOG in my brain … along with moodiness, fatigue, swelling, headaches, depression and loss of appetite.

My health got worse as time when on . . . so I went to get checked out. I still remember the look on the nurse’s face when she took my blood pressure . . .

Total shock and confusion as my blood pressure reading came back at staggeringly high 190/110!

I was just 22 and my doctor was afraid I was going to drop dead of a heart attack.The doctor ordered some tests and the results showed there was something “Wrong” with my kidneys. Not diabetes, not some other specific disease. Just something “wrong.”

I’ll never forget the moment the doctor looked me in the eye after doing my biopsy and told me…

“Robert, You Have Only 10 Years To Live. . .”

Everything came crashing down around me. All my plans to start a career, meet the woman of my dreams and marry and have kids — vanished before my eyes!

Over the next two months my doctors pumped me full of Prednisone and Cyclosporine – drugs that were supposed to help stop my kidney failure. . . But all it did was give me awful acne and make it impossible to sleep . . . I was soon overwhelmed with mood swings, terrible depression and psychosis that put me in the hospital.

Kidney ArmThat’s when they told me my kidneys were close to failing!

I needed to get ready for dialysis and that’s when the put the fistula in my arm. (the photo to the right ==>

The fistula is a surgical connection between a vein and an artery that makes a big enough vein for the huge dialysis needles.

I remember waking up from surgery, seeing the 9 inch scar on my arm and just breaking down crying. The worst part was the doctors still had no idea what I had or why my kidney’s were failing. They just call it “unknown glomerulonephritis” . . .

Eventually I start showing more loss of kidney function . . .My kidney health continues to worsen and this goes on for 2 years until . . .

I Had TOTAL Kidney Failure . . .

It was Horrible… I vomited every day for 3 months straight, with paralyzing fatigue, suicidal depression, and bad swelling in my legs.

DialysisI had no social life, because not many girls want to date or be around a sick guy… “who will end up on dialysis.”

Things got worse, when I ended up in the hospital almost in a renal failure induced coma. And that’s the first time they hooked me up to the machine . . .

3 days a week, three to four hours a day they puncture my arm with two oversized two-inch long needles and “clean my blood.”

What you might not know about…

DIALYSIS . . . is ONCE you start it
It’s For
The Rest Of Your Life . . .


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Or until you get a kidney transplant (If you are lucky enough to get a kidney transplant.)

I Felt Like A Prisoner Chained To That Damn Machine!

I remember when the dialysis nurse put the needle in my arm for the first time. I thought about how it was the first time in two years a woman had touched me.

For two and a half years my life revolved around dialysis. I wake up every day feeling awful and hoping with everything I would get a kidney transplant.

Then I get lucky . . . I get a call from Miami saying they have a ‘cadaver’ kidney for me . . .

I hop a plane feeling so excited. Feeling like I can finally say goodbye to that machine and get my life back. But the new kidney fails right away. I spend 14 days in the hospital when it was supposed to be only 4 days. The surgery is horrible!

Complications keep coming up and I start to think I made a BIG mistake. That I would have been better off staying on dialysis.

Even when my new kidney stabilizes I still have to deal with the rotten side effects of the anti-rejection drugs I’m on: acid reflux, frequent colds, joint pain, depression and feelings of anxiety.

Why Am I Telling YOU All This?

Even now, 9 years after my transplant I’m scared of becoming a statistic and dying from complications due to kidney failure.

The truth is: the average kidney from a cadaver lasts just 7 years and one from a live donor last maybe 15. I know now that I didn’t HAVE to suffer the way I did!

If you get a new donor kidney…



I want to save you the terrible pain, the heartache, depression and the intense suffering I endured. I want to show you how to Improve your kidney health and avoid the horrors of dialysis treatments!

You CAN have Healthy Kidneys’… and live an active, healthy life where you never even THINK about your kidneys – IF YOU KNOW THE RIGHT THINGS TO DO!

But before I get into all of that, I want to tell you the truth.

I Was SCARED… I’d End Up Right Back On that
Damn Dialysis Machine!

After I recovered from my kidney transplant surgery and adjusted to the anti-rejection meds I was forced to be on, I tried to get my life back together. I knew I had to find out the real truth about why my kidneys failed. I started studying everything I could about kidney disease . . .

The truth is it was because I was SCARED . . . scared that if I didn’t do SOMETHING I’d end up right back on that damn machine . . . And as I got deeper and deeper into the truth about why kidney’s fail and learned more about what causes kidney disease and harms kidney function… I got really pissed off!

I’d suffered needlessly for so many years!

NOW. . . I know now the ‘real truth’ . . . that my kidney disease was treatable!

You can improve your kidney healthWITHOUT needing or suffering through dialysis!

100% All Natural Treatments & Remedies
Scientifically PROVEN To REPAIR Kidney Damage

UNKNOWN to Doctors!

“The Shocking Truth”

About Kidney Disease!

Here are just a few of the ‘WORST Kidney Treatment Problems’ I STUMBLED upon during my years of kidney research and training into the REAL causes (and real solutions) for Kidney Disease . . .


The “Kidney Saver” eBook Program That Medical Dialysis Promoters hope you’ll never discover…

The “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration Program . . .

Cover 3d

My “No Dialysis Needed” program is a step-by-step treatment program which helps improve your kidneys naturally, without the use of unnatural man-made pharmaceutical drugs.

Even better, when you follow the program you’ll be able to delay dialysis by years or even decades . . . or possibly even avoid dialysis all together!

You CAN Improve Your Kidney Function Using
100% ALL NATURAL Remedies & Treatments . . .

Heal Your Kidneys

Without Dialysis . . .

Without Drugs . . .

Without Side Effects!

But NO MEDICAL DOCTOR In Western Medicine
Was Taught This Information In Medical School!

Medical Doctors are pushing their patients towards dialysis and transplants when some didn’t need to. But as a nephrologist (kidney specialist) once told me, “that’s the American way of treating kidney disease.”

It’s not doctors who are at fault. They’re taught in medical school how to treat kidney disease, chronic kidney disease(ckd) and they stick to the book but also those who teach doctors to treat kidney problems!

You need to know that these alternative ‘KIDNEY TREATMENT SECRETS’ ARE REAL and most medical doctors in the United States DON’T KNOW!

My program is specifically designed to
ELIMINATE the need for dialysis completely.

Don’t Just “Manage”

Your Kidney Disease…

Reverse It!

If you’ve been shocked by your doctor with this grave news:

“There is nothing you can do, you have to wait for your kidneys to fail, go on dialysis and hopefully be eligible for a kidney transplant.”


The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program™ is a compilation of the best and most effective natural treatments for kidney disease from around the world. It is meant as a complement to your allopathic, conventional or standard medical care, not a replacement.

You have a right to know all the real facts about your kidney disease and I’m blowing the lid off what doctor’s don’t know!

When you have this easy to understand kidney health program in your hands you can make better informed decisions about what’s ‘the right thing to do’ to support your kidney function and return your body’s kidneys to natural wellness!

See, these days I’m known as an expert on kidney disease . . . I help people who suffer from this horrible disease heal their kidneys, regain kidney function by reversing stages!

You may even be able to postpone or avoid dialysis or a transplant forever (just read the rest of this letter and I’ll show you how!) But what not many people (except my clients and my close friends) know is my own personal struggle and battle with kidney disease . . .

That’s what made me so passionate about helping you reverse your kidney disease. And why I will do anything to help you avoid being chained and imprisoned by that horrible machine!

In my ‘all natural kidney restoration program’ I’ve put all of my passion into my work to help people just like you — avoid worsening kidney health and the horrors of dialysis. . .

And The Incredible Kidney Restoration Results I Got For My Clients And Customers Were So Astonishing They. . .


It’s true! Allow me to read to you only a few of the amazing kidney restoration success stories I’ve had with my clients here in my New Jersey office and customers of my program . . .

Just read these improved kidney health
success stories…

HenswourthCreatinine From 2.7 to 1.8, GFR From 24 to 44, And Potassium Back In A Normal Range

“Thank you so VERY much!

I was really worried I was going to lose my husband. Mark had high blood pressure that caused a lot of kidney damage. We saw a dietitian that gave us some useful information, but I really was looking for something more. When I came upon your program I was excited to get started. I purchased your program, and went out and got all the foods and supplements for the kidneys you recommended to start giving to Mark.

My husband started to feel more energy and in about 6 weeks he said he felt about 15 years younger! His nephrologist was happy at the positive results. We explained to him about the program, and he said to keep doing what he was doing. Your diet and herbal treatment program is working to reverse his kidney problems.

It has been 10 months and Mark’s kidney health has stabilized. Your program explains and covers every aspect of how to improve kidney function and makes perfect sense that even a housewife, like myself, understands.”

~ Mark & Barbara Henswourth
Lowell, Massachusetts

AndersonNo More Protein In My Urine And Inflammation Is Gone

“Living on a small farm I wasn’t sure I would be able to follow your treatment program. I felt very relieved that you provided the exact products, supplements and internet stores to get them from. This made it very easy for me. I was able to modify my diet like you recommended and was happy to find I had most of the food already on my farm.

I had IgA Nephropathy kidney disease for years but was okay until recently. My doctor said I had a lot of protein in my urine and inflammation. I took medications like prednisone which helped but nowhere near enough and the side effects were really bad.

Your program really made sense to me. I followed it and took all the anti-inflammatory supplements. Overall it was fairly easy to follow with all the references you provided. On my 3 month follow up the doctor said I had normal amounts of protein in the urine and the inflammation was better. He lowered my prednisone which was a big relief for me. I still maintain everything and glad god lead me to your program.

By the way your kidney diet is easy to follow and eating out guide is very helpful, especially when I visit my family in the city.”

~ James Anderson
Harrison County, West Virginia

CambridgeDiabetic Kidney Disease Reversed In 3 Months

“I was very scared of when the doctor told me my kidneys were damaged. I followed the program exactly for a diabetic.

My 3 month follow up showed I had normal kidney function! I can’t thank you enough”

~ Christy Cambridge
United Kingdom

Robert, Here Is My Blood Work I Said I Would Send
If Your Program Worked…


Creatinine From 3.2 to 2.0, GFR 16 to 39(More Than Doubled), Potassium, Cholesterol & Albumin All Normal.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much this means to me and my family.”

~ Eliazar
Brooklyn, New York

Eliazar Before & After

ReshediKidney Function From 19 To 41%, Phosphorus Normal, No More Itching And Sleeping Better

“Hi Robert, when I was diagnosed with renal disease I didn’t believe what the doctors were telling me. For the first time in my life I was scared of the future and didn’t know what to expect. I have a family and kids to care for and I need to work to provide for them. The way the doctors were talking it was like I would have no life in the near future.

I was reassured I could avoid renal failure when I found The All Natural Kidney Health Program. It covered so many areas including how to improve kidney function and renal diet to follow. I followed the program and what I really noticed was how much better I was sleeping and the constant itching had gone away.

On my next doctor’s appointment I had a good feeling things would be better. I found my phosphorus mineral level was normal and I gained back 22% renal function. The doctors and myself think I will be able to avoid dialysis and renal failure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Khalifa Al Reshedi
Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

Doubtful Anything Could Help But Glad I Was Wrong

“Stumbled across this video searching for anything that would help. Robert knew exactly what I was going through and I ordered his program.

Fascinating material that has improved my kidneys. So grateful I found this website.”

~ Abbey Walker
Perth, Australia

Exactly what kidney friendly healing foods to eat and which toxic kidney destroying foods to avoid in easy to follow lists. You will be shocked at what you learn…

Find out the ‘little known secrets’ about how to heal your kidneys like …

And many more incredible kidney health boosting methods than I can list here…

The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program has zero filler and is fully backed by modern day scientific research. In fact, there are over 300 medical citations with majority from peer reviewed medical journals “the gold standard” in medicine and the same exact, very expensive, books they use in medical schools. . .

But first you may the wondering. . .

Are These Natural Kidney Remedies And Supplements 100% Safe?

Everything in this program is safe, natural and with good safety profiles, proven case studies and doctor recommended. Many of the products including the diet, supplements and herbs have been used safely in other countries for years and in hospitals in the United States.

If you are concerned about any of the products in the program, discuss them with your local naturopath, nutritionist or physician, or email me and I will help you make an informed decision before taking any products you are concerned about. See my contact information at the bottom of this page.

“Even Medical Doctor’s Approve It!”

“My Patient Is Doing Better Than I Could Have Imagined…”

Drjohnree“I’ve been impressed by how well researched and complete this program is.

This 100% all natural kidney restoration program takes into account the factors of kidney disease and gives you many options and information to help your kidneys return to their natural good health. As a medical doctor I look at the risks and benefits of all treatments and especially alternative treatments before making a recommendation, that said, this program definitely gets my thumbs up.

It presents well-researched, scientifically balanced information with diet and dozens of natural, drug-free ideas and remedies you can start using to improve the health of your kidneys today. My patient began this program and had excellent results, better than I could have imagined. Everyone with any type of Kidney Disease and chronic kidney disease(ckd) needs this program.

Dr. John Ree – Medical Doctor (U.S.A)

I want to give you as much possible help as I can and be absolutely certain that you get every possible tool and strategy to overcome kidney disease and avoid dialysis and a transplant.

So When You Get Started TODAY, For A Limited Time I’ll Also Throw In 5 Super Bonuses …

My Kidney Health & Restoration Guide Is “Enhanced” With 5 More Customized Kidney Health & Wellness Guides!



I don’t just want you to slow or stop your kidney disease … I want you to improve your kidney function – quickly and with a minimum of fuss!

So for a limited time, when you order The “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program, I’ll also include the 5 kidney health boosting bonuses, designed to help you quickly heal and return your kidney function to more normal levels.

Your Special Bonus # 1 is…

Cover 3d Diet

“The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program Diet Plan”

You get a 14-day easy-to-follow menu plan with recipes and snacks. . .
No fussing over putting together your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. . . no worries about what you’re going to eat next and simple, quick meal plans to prepare with no trips to special grocery stores.

Each day contains breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 to 2 optional snacks. All nutritionally balanced to reduce stress on the kidneys, control mineral imbalances and maximize your healing. It also includes a section on making your own meals and how to adjust recipes to make them kidney friendly.

One of the toughest things about living with kidney disease is eating out with friends and family.

Just follow the “Tips for Eating Out Section” which covers all major restaurants where you will be able to make a kidney friendly choice enjoying your meal and the company.

Value: $39.95 yours FREE


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Your Special Bonus # 2 is…

Ebook Potassium

“The Definitive Guide To Potassium Content Of Foods”
Over 1,000 Foods Listed

Potassium is a key nutrient needed for your heart and muscles to work properly and is regulated by your kidneys. When your kidneys are not healthy your potassium may increase to dangerous levels leading to further decline in kidney function and possibly a heart attack. .

The Definitive Guide To Potassium Content of Foods will give you the knowledge to select the right foods to make the perfect low potassium food choices to help your kidneys heal.

With over 1,000 foods listed there is no way you can’t find the potassium content of any food you want to know the potassium content of.

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

Your Special Bonus # 3 is…

Ebook Protein

“The Definitive Guide To Protein Content Of Foods”
Over 1,000 Foods Listed

Regulating your protein intake is crucial to improving your kidneys. This guide gives you the information to know how much protein is contained in foods educating you to make the right choices for a lifetime of better kidney health

Protein foods contain high amounts of the mineral called phosphorus. Phosphorus is used for building bones, teeth, and is found and used by every cell in the human body. In kidney disease and chronic kidney disease(ckd) phosphorus may build up to toxic levels.

By regulating your protein consumption you can control your phosphorus from reaching dangerous levels. This takes the stress off the kidneys to maximize your kidney healing.

So, the “The Definitive Guide To Protein Content Of Foods” also controls your phosphorus levels allowing for the best kidney health you can imagine. Two very important uses out of one guide!

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

Your Special Bonus # 4 is…

Grocery Shopping List

“The Kidney Diet Grocery Shopping List”

Sample Grocery Shopping List … as simple as printing it out and bringing it with you to the store. No need to dig through pages and take notes on what to buy. It’s all packaged into one convenient easy to follow list and it is printable so you can take it with you when you do your grocery shopping!

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

Your Special Bonus # 5 is…

Diet Tracking Sheet

“The Kidney Diet Tracking Sheets”

Kidney Diet Tracking Sheets. You get diet tracking sheets you can easily print and this allows you to keep track of what you eat to help you stay on track and allows you to more easily stick to a better kidney health diet with a minimum of fuss. These Kidney Diet Tracking Sheets allow you to make a smooth easy transition to a healthier kidney diet.

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!

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60 Days Of Unlimited Email Support
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Email ConsultThe “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program offers Exclusive Personal One-On-One Counseling. You get FREE professional private email counseling, advice and guidance from a certified nutritionist, naturopath, kidney disease sufferer.

When you order the program today you get email access to a life-long medical researcher who is always just an email away. If in any time you feel confused, you can have your questions privately answered.

This advice is practically priceless.

You’ll always feel that someone is there for you…so you’re never left to deal with your kidney disease and chronic kidney disease(ckd) alone. With this free and unlimited email support you can feel good that you are always on track, you are always encouraged, and… you’ll be able to complete the program more effectively and get quicker and greater results to heal your kidneys.

I’d love to hear from you after you order the program. You’ll receive my private email with your order. I promise you’ll get an answer in 24 hours.

Value: $197 – Yours FREE!

“This Sounds Amazing, Robert, But How Much Does It Cost?”

“How much is it worth to you to have a PROVEN method at your disposal to help you truly IMPROVE your kidney health?

If you’ve suffered from Diabetes or Kidney Disease for any length of time, you already know how expensive it is and how much you are suffering right now.

Even with insurance (and insurance is covering less and less these days) you can end up paying THOUSANDS of dollars per year for blood tests, treatments and drugs that have nasty side effects and do as much harm as good.

Not to mention the cost of dialysis itself which can run up to $150,000 a year. . .

The price of the complete “No Dialysis Needed” program is extremely affordable. . .even for people on a fixed income. I made it so affordable most anyone can get it to help them reverse their kidney disease right in the comfort of their own home!

Think of the money you will save on the cost of medications once your kidneys have healed and are functioning more normally.

Save the money you would have to spend on expensive prescriptions and instead —
heal your kidneys with all natural methods for pennies.

What is your current quality of your life with kidney disease?

Is it not worth living a miserable life on a machine where you die prematurely and can’t enjoy what you want or do the things you used to do.

Honestly this is the only program like this in existence so there is nothing to compare it to and this comprehensive kidney health restoration program is not available anywhere else at any price.

You get the complete, easy-to-read and understand …

Ebook“No Dialysis Needed” All
Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program

($297.95 Value)


Ebook Diet“The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program Diet Plan”
($39.95 Value)

Ebook PotassiumThe Definitive Guide To Potassium Content Of Foods”
($19.95 Value)

Ebook ProteinThe Definitive Guide To Protein Content Of Foods”
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Grocery Shopping List“The Grocery
Shopping List”

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Diet Tracking Sheet“The Diet Tracking Sheets”

($9.95 Value)

Email Consult
60 Days Of
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All 6 FREE Bonuses = $296.75 Total Value!


When you start your path of healing to reverse kidney disease and improve your kidney function, you are not doing it alone, there is support to ask any questions from the founder of this program.

You can protect and even reverse the damage to your kidneys. . . starting today.

To make you 100% comfortable with getting this today…

I Will Personally Guarantee
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Guarantee Clickbank

“It’s a cold fact…
don’t want you to have this program…”

If you’ve read this far you already know you want and need this because your worsening kidney health is at stake here.

This is a kidney restoration program that will reverse – and even restore – yes that’s
(R-E-ST-O-R-E) your kidney health with a GREAT success rate.

I’ll bet you’ll not get a peep from your doctor if you show him this or he may say to not use it because he doesn’t understand it. You’ve probably never even seen this remarkable program advertised on the health news channels either..

I ask you — why is that? When tens of thousands of kidney sufferers can be helped with this to revitalize kidney function and stop people from resorting to going under the knife for a new kidney from a dead person — a ‘cadaver’s kidney’!

If THAT sounds horrible… it IS!

Many doctor’s will tell you THAT IS YOUR ONLY HOPE!

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH!

I ask you.. If there ARE MORE TREATMENTS than what your medical doctor is using to test your kidney’s function… then why don’t they use them? (Because they only learn diagnoses, surgery and pharmaceutical drugs in school!)

It doesn’t make ANY sense to me, and it shouldn’t to you either.

These incredible ALL NATURAL KIDNEY RESTORATION METHODS are ALL HUSH, HUSH IN THE U.S. by the few who know about them.

Why? Well just think about it…

I’m sure the simple answer is there is more money to be made with unnatural man-made drugs which CAN BE PATENTED. . . over a diet, supplements and natural remedies and treatment which CAN’T!

I don’t know how long I can keep this website up, any day I may be pressured by some drug company attorney to pull it down. Don’t wait, you need to buy now before this kidney restoration program is closed down for good!

“To Do All You Can To Protect
Your Kidney Health…

You Have To Act Now…”

Group Kidney

Yes, Robert! I Want To Use All Natural Methods That
Are Used All Over The World To Improve My Kidney Function Using A Step-By-Step Scientifically Proven Method
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within sixty days for a full refund.

Software requirements: You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to read the ebook PDF files. You can download and install Reader by clicking here

Still undecided?

Now that you have read to this point in this letter it should all make sense to you now, does it? And you can’t leave this page empty handed now can you?

Just read the last couple happy consulting clients and customers who bought my kidney restoration program from this very webpage have to say about how it helped return their kidneys to more normal health!

Reginald285% Improvement in Kidney Function

“When Reginald came to me his diabetes was wreaking havoc with his kidneys. He had been a diabetic for the last 5 years, but even with medication treatment he was slowly getting worse. One day when returning to his doctor he got some frightening news.

The doctor had told him his kidneys were damaged and he had to lose weight and get his diabetes under control to prevent further kidney damage.

The doctor mentioned if he kept up the way he was it was just a matter of time, maybe a year or so before he would be on dialysis. This really scared him and prompted him to find alternatives. When he went looking he was disappointed to find not much available information regarding kidney disease treatments. He felt hopeless and frightened. He was familiar with dialysis because he had family members on it. Diabetes runs in his family.

I consulted with him and was able to put him on a realistic diet plan with supplements. He stated the program I gave him was very helpful and he always had something to refer back to when he had questions. Everything was there for him so he could be successful.

In about 3 weeks he went back to his doctor and his kidney function was almost back to normal. He stated the diet was easy and there were just a few supplements and herbs he had to take. He maintained the program losing about 18 pounds and was able to lessen some of his medication and has been feeling really good (more energy, better mood, etc) since starting everything”

~ Reginald

2 Years and Still No Dialysis

“When I met Jennifer her kidney disease had just started to cause her problems again after being stable for almost two years. She was devastated because her doctors had told her it was just a matter of time before she needed to go on Dialysis.

I put Jennifer on my program and on her very next blood work her kidney function had improved dramatically.

In fact, it’s been two years now since Jennifer started following my advice. No dialysis needed.

~ Jennifer

VinnyGot Kidney Function Back and I have been stable for 4 years!

Vinny Delhare was referred to me by a nephrogist I work closely with.

He had polycystic kidney disease which ran in his family.

He lost some kidney function but still had enough to maintain his lifestyle with good health. The prognosis for polycystic kidney disease is not good. Usually, dialysis and a transplant.

His kidneys had lost more function and that is when he sought my help. He currently is on a diet that was putting great strain on his kidney. By switching him to a healthier kidney disease diet and supplements that are used to decrease inflammation.

I worked with his nephrologist and developed a plan utilizing natural therapies and conventional medicine. He was able to get kidney function back and has been stable for 4 years.

~ Vinny Delhare

“How Much Is Your Kidney Worth To YOU?
Your Future Kidney Health
Is At Stake Right NOW…”

All I ask is you try this kidney restoration program for FREE for 60 days.

Let Me Help You The Way I Wish Someone Had Helped Me All Those Years Ago…when my kidney’s first started to fail so I could have easily reversed my own kidney disease.


You CAN heal your kidneys, delay dialysis for years, even decades or even avoid it all together.

The fact that you have read this far, means you know the high value of this program.

It’s easy to make the ‘right decision’ when you know you can get proven methods to restore and even reverse your kidney disease — isn’t it?

As you consider investing in this program you might want to consider the added benefits and enhanced value the 5 incredible bonuses, a $296.75 Value. . . I have custom created just for you, to help you more quickly restore your kidney health.

When you invest in this program and follow what you read, you will get a dramatic boost in your kidney heath. You will also feel more confident since you will have the critical knowledge you need to make better informed health and diet decisions.

You can also use this information to better understand the tests and the drugs your medical doctor is using to treat you!

If you follow the program it will work to restore your kidney health.

That’s my honest promise to you…

You have nothing to lose.

Stop worrying about your declining kidney health and DO something about it!

Imagine how good you will feel when your next kidney tests come back more near the normal range and how much more in control of your kidney health you will be!

But. . . Please remember. . .

Big Pharma does NOT want you to have this.

Your Future Kidney Health
Is At Stake…

The sooner you read this the sooner you will be improving your kidney health!

Group Kidney

In less than 2 minutes from now, you can be reading all about how to save your kidneys!

Get every thing you need to help restore your kidney health, and avoid getting diabetes and even cancer. . . Because you won’t need to suffer the problems if you can improve your kidney health.

You don’t want to face all that pain do you?

I’m sure you don’t and I wouldn’t want to wish that horror on anyone.

I know you’re going to love how good you will be feeling soon.

I’m sure you’ll agree that $67 is a real small investment in yourself for something that could help you. . . from a life of unending dialysis misery. . . to a life of better health and wellness.

I say try it.

Follow what I believe is a serious method to restore and revitalize your kidney function quickly and easily. . . and soon you will feel marked improvement of your symptoms.

You can feel good about yourself because you are doing the ‘right thing’ to started healing your kidneys and I know you will feel better once you start reading the first book…!

I want to congratulate you on making a good decision.

Why? Because you are finally DOING something to help yourself return to good health!

Here’s to restoring your kidney health!

Robert Galarowicz N.D.
Author of …

Do the ‘Right Thing To Protect Your Kidneys’
Get The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program

Group Kidney

Click the button to start healing!

Yes, I Want To Use All Natural Methods That
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When you click the “Add to Cart” button above you will be taken to the ClickBank secure order checkout page to buy your private copy of the complete program and get the free email consulting that comes with the proven kidney health and restoration program.

Clickbank Screenshot


Did You Know There Are 100% Natural Remedies For Improving Your Kidney Function & Reversing Your Kidney Disease?”Medical Tests Don’t Lie!”

Research & References of Did You Know There Are 100% Natural Remedies For Improving Your Kidney Function & Reversing Your Kidney Disease?”Medical Tests Don’t Lie!”|Knowledge-Easy.com

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Great Bonuses and surprised gifts for your order with the above link.

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The creative economy is huge. And growing. It generates close to $3 trillion in economic output annually. That’s more than the global telecommunications industry. What’s more, creative economy revenues are expanding 8-12% annually, varying by country. In the USA, the creative economy grew straight through the Great Recession, as opposed to all other sectors. Growth will continue as a global middle class rises, expanding demand for entertainment, digital media, and original content and experiences. Consider this: Cirque du Soleil was founded by two street performers who grew it into a global phenomenon and sold it for $1.5 billion to investment firm TPG in 2015. Lynda.com, acquired by LinkedIn in 2015, was started by Lynda Weinman, a graphic designer turned educator. Fashionistas, filmmakers, and foodies are launching creative companies that drive value for investors, and create high-wage jobs.

However, the creative economy is a sleeping giant because leaders and investors, community and economic developers have mostly left the creative economy on the sidelines, its full potential sitting dormant. Many leaders think only of “the arts” when they hear the word creative. However, today’s creative companies are anchored in technologies and digital innovations. Take for example Embodied Labs, a VR film company whose films help medical providers understand patient experiences, reducing costs and improving health outcomes. Or Beacon Hill VR, a software firm with artists and gamers on staff who create and bring to life animated AR characters. We suspect leaders overlook the creative economy because they are unfamiliar with its numbers.

Creative entrepreneurs are market disruptors building a better and more inclusive future. The innovators behind creative companies are designers, coders, gamers, musicians, and engineers. Akin to tech founders, creative founders are driven by a desire to disrupt a market. Unlike many tech founders, most creative entrepreneurs are also inspired by social outcomes such as engaging disenfranchised communities, providing a living wage, and building culturally connected communities. The creative economy is being built by visionaries who strengthen regional identity, increase livelihoods, and build connected communities.

So how can you unleash the creative entrepreneurs and talent in your community? Here are three tips to get you started:

1.) Find ambitious creative entrepreneurs who have been overlooked. They might be building the next Cirque du Soleil but everyone else sees them as clowns. With fresh eyes, you might see a billion-dollar business in the making. I have worked with startups who became extremely successful entrepreneurs who have told us that early on “no one took them seriously” because they were designers, or filmmakers, or musicians.

2.) Host a small gathering with innovative creative founders and investors and ask them to share where they believe your regional creative economy could be more competitive. What assets and competitive advantages do you have that entrepreneurs and investors have already discovered? When we do this we find investors who are already working with creative companies. They are usually interested in further building out their portfolio along these lines. And the founders are excited to meet investors who share their vision for the region’s future.

3.) Assume you just don’t get it–yet. Creatives are disrupting markets and they see a future the rest of us don’t see. Take for example the story of Meow Wolf, an “artist collective” based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When Meow Wolf started out, they sought business support but were told more than once their venture should be a non-profit. They are artists, after all. Today, with over 1 million visitors and $15 million in revenues in less than two years, Meow Wolf’s out-of-this-world exhibit helped multiply their first investors’ funds within three years. They recently close $17 million with a lead investment by Alsop Louie Partners from Silicon Valley.

Meow Wolf is not alone in their ability to see a market before it has fully convened. Lee Francis, Founder of Native Realities, launched the world’s first Indigenous Comic Con to give indigenous youth a chance to see themselves as superheroes. Today Indigenous Comic Con and Lee’s publishing company Native Realities, are leading a global movement to reframe how indigenous youth see themselves in pop culture. 300,000,000 indigenous people are eager to move with them. Ivonette Albuquerque, Founder of Galpão Aplauso, in São Paulo, Brazil, believed she could build a world class theatre company employing youth living in São Paulo’s favelas. Today, she has trained over 10,000 youth, nearly all of whom go on to find well paying jobs after the program.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, like all good revolutions, is disrupting social and economic structures, forcing leaders to rethink old strategies and adapt to new realities. Relentless creativity and imagination will win the day. Fortunately, a giant ally is waiting in the wings. All you need to do is wake it up.

Alice Loy is CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Startups and author of Creative Economy Entrepreneurs, From Start Up to Success: How Entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries are Transforming the Global Economy. For more information, please visit, www.creativestartups.org.


Tips for Dealing with Home Office Distractions

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2014
Here are eight things you can do to make distractions in your home office less of a problem.

In today’s business world it is not uncommon for many sales people to work from a home office. At first this may seem like a great opportunity, however, it does create some unique challenges. One of the biggest obstacles is the number of distractions that can take us away from our work and prevent us from achieving our objectives.

When you work from a home office it is easy to get distracted from work, especially if it is work that you do not particularly enjoy like prospecting or cold calling. Watering the plants, running errands or even doing laundry can be a welcome change from the daily drudgery of selling. And, if you have young children, the number of distractions increases dramatically.

I, too, work from a home office and have had to deal with this challenge. Here are a few ideas that can help manage these distractions and improve your productivity.

Create an office. When I first began working from home almost a decade ago, I used to work at my dining room table. Unfortunately, this put me in the middle of our household action. My wife would turn on the television and I would be instantly distracted from my work. In other cases, she would talk to me or ask me a question simply because I was in the same room. As a result, it was often difficult to focus on my work. Now I have an office and do the majority of my work there. If you don’t have space to create an office, find somewhere in your house that has the least amount of traffic and opportunities for distractions.

Set specific “business” hours. This is particularly important if you have young children. It can be very difficult for children to understand that they can’t disturb us while we’re working. If you have an office, close your door and place a do not disturb sign on it. This is particularly important if you are making client calls because it prevents family members from inadvertently barging in on you during a critical call.

Use a “to do” list-everyday. Having a list of what you need to accomplish each day can help keep you focused; otherwise, it becomes too easy to do other things around the house. If you know that you need to accomplish a certain number of tasks by the end of the day, it can prevent you from getting distracted during the day. One of the challenges with this is that household duties or running errands are more enjoyable compared to work we have to complete. However, I have frequently found that once I get involved in my task, the desire to do something else fades.

Set deadlines for the projects you’re working on. Although I don’t have anyone holding me accountable to these deadlines, it find that this approach can help keep me on track. You can also share these deadlines with other people to help keep yourself focused especially if this type of accountability works for you.

Give yourself permission to relax from time-to-time. It’s okay to allow yourself to get distracted once in a while. As long it’s not a regular occurrence, you don’t have to worry too much about it. However, if your relaxation time overtakes your work time, then you need to reconsider your priorities.

Share your goals and objections with a group of advisors. This type of accountability works well for many people because they know they will have to report their progress on specific projects.

Recognize that the results you achieve are a direct result of the effort you put into your work. When I first started my private practice, it was easy to put aside work and do chores or run errands. In my first year, I treated work like a part-time job, clocking an average of 20-25 hours per week. When I evaluated my results at the end of the year I realized I couldn’t afford to maintain this mentality. So I started working more. And, I got better results. I eventually learned that the more effort I put into my work, the better results I achieved in terms of the revenue and income I generated. This made it easier to avoid the distractions and focus more on my work.

Lastly, you can try an approach I learned from Brian Tracy many years ago. When you find yourself procrastinating on a particular task or project, repeat the following three words to yourself over and over. “Do it now.” This can be a great way to prevent yourself from getting distracted by other things you would prefer to do.

Distractions are sometimes positive. A break away from work can clear your mind, give you the opportunity to refresh yourself, and increase your energy level. However, it is important to remember that you have a responsibility to yourself and your business to limit these distractions.

Copyright 2006 Kelley Robertson, All rights reserved.

Kelley Robertson, President of the Robertson Training Group, works with businesses to help them increase their sales and motivate their employees. He is also the author of Stop, Ask, and Listen: Proven Sales Techniques to Turn Browsers Into Buyers..


Discover Your Unique Talent

Last Updated: Oct 2, 2011
Knowing your personal strengths and talents can help you decide where to focus your efforts and when to hire outside help. There are lots of online assessments you can take to figure this out, but one of the best ways to discover your strengths is to ask those who know you best.

There’s no end to the number of quizzes and self-assessments you can take to find out your unique talents. You can also get input from others using a tool like 360-degree feedback. I’ve done a lot of these assessments over the years, and I always learn something important about myself.

You need to know this so you spend more of your time developing these assets and using them to grow your business. You’ll also discover the areas you don’t enjoy or struggle with, so you can hire people with those skills or outsource them.

Recently I discovered a quick and easy strategy for uncovering your top strength. You simply pose a single question to people who know you. I decided to try this approach, and it turned out to be extremely powerful and revealing.

Here are the steps I followed so you can do this, too.

#1 – Identify the people you want to ask.

Ask people who know you well. They’re aware of your strengths because they’ve observed you in action many times. My list included people in my company, business colleagues, personal friends and family members. I decided to use email so they’d have a chance to think about their answer before responding. But you could also ask them in person or over the phone.

#2 – Draft your message.

Ask just one question and explain why you want their input. Here’s what I sent:

I’d value your insight about something important I want to learn about myself. What do you see as my most outstanding talent/gift?

I want to get greater clarity about what that is, so I can develop it into an even more powerful strength. That way I can use it to make the best possible contribution to the world.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts with me.

#3 – Study the feedback.

Cut and paste all the responses into a Word file so you can easily review everyone’s input. There will naturally be some differences because it’s likely that your family members experience you in a different way than your business colleagues. These varied perspectives will give you lots of great information to think about. You’ll probably also discover some things about yourself that you take for granted and didn’t realize were valued so highly by others.

What you want to do is look for common threads. What’s the underlying theme that comes through? Here’s why you want to know that.

When you understand what your unique talent is, you’ll have a greater appreciation for what you have to offer the world. And because this is already strength, you’ll find it fun and enjoyable to develop it into an area of real excellence. And when you do that, you expand the positive impact you can have during your lifetime.

An entrepreneur since 1982, Meredith Bell is a skilled coach and expert on behavior change. Her software company publishes assessment and development tools for the people side of your business. For more information and the free guide for entrepreneurs, “Ignite Your Business,” visit: http://www.ProStarCoach.com/smallbiz  


The 4 Steps of Encouragement

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2011
You may not be a cheerleader by nature, and that’s okay when you’re in a situation where another person is discouraged. There’s a much better approach that works like magic.

When you see that someone is discouraged, your first instinct might be to give advice or offer a solution. You may even feel that you’re responsible for cheering them up. But these kinds of responses aren’t usually helpful or welcome at a time like this. Instead, if you really want to be an encourager, cover these four steps.

Start with LISTENING. Invite the person to open up by saying something like, “You don’t seem like yourself today. Want to talk about it?” As he expresses his feelings about the situation, don’t criticize or evaluate. Just give your full, undivided attention and check to be sure you understand what he’s trying to say.

In step two, you AFFIRM the person. When things go wrong, people often blame themselves and lose self-confidence. They temporarily lose sight of what they’re capable of. This is your opportunity to remind the person of his personal strengths, the ones that will get him through this challenge. Remind him of obstacles he’s faced before in equally tough situations – and what he did to succeed.

After that, OFFER PERSPECTIVE, the third step. When people are discouraged, they focus on the negatives. To restore a balanced, realistic perspective, acknowledge the negatives, but remind the person that the situation also has advantages, opportunities, and other upsides. Pointing these out is helpful, because the positives are real.

The final step is SUPPORT. You remind the person that he doesn’t have to go it alone. Let him know that you will be there for him, and ask what he needs from you now. This keeps you from making assumptions about the type of support that would be most helpful to this particular individual.

One of my two business partners, Paula, was once out on extended medical leave. I absorbed most of her responsibilities during those two months. At times I found myself getting anxious and discouraged from the additional pressures. My other partner, Denny, works in another state and couldn’t help with most of these day-to-day tasks. But he was my encourager.

One day, when I was feeling really overwhelmed, I told Denny how hard it was to juggle everything. He asked me to talk about what was bothering me. After listening without interruption, he acknowledged that what I was doing was hard. He reminded me of a time when I excelled despite some tough obstacles.

Denny affirmed my personal strengths and reassured me that in the end I’d be able to get everything done. And he made a suggestion: “It’s true that the last eight weeks have been just as hard as you say. But instead of focusing on the past, try shifting your perspective to the future. You know Paula will be back in a week or so. Think about that, and how great that will be.”

And then he reminded me that he was there to support me in any way he could.

That simple conversation helped change my outlook. I felt like a new person when I went home that day. I had my confidence back. And I thought how great it is to have a partner who knows how to encourage.

You can have that same impact on someone you care about – whether it’s a business colleague, an employee or a family member – if you implement these four steps when you sense the person is discouraged.

An entrepreneur since 1982, Meredith Bell is a skilled coach and expert on behavior change. Her software company publishes assessment and development tools for the people side of your business. For more information and the free guide for entrepreneurs, “Ignite Your Business,” visit: http://www.ProStarCoach.com/smallbiz  


Remember Names: Why You Forget People’s Names and How to Remember Them

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2017
Do you have a hard time remembering people’s names? Does it embarrass you and make you avoid people? It’s a common problem, but also costly if it prevents you from approaching a business contact. Here are tips to help you remember people’s names.

You’re terrible with names. You forget someone’s name within ten seconds of their introduction, and it embarrasses you. In fact, it’s possible you won’t even approach someone whose name you have forgotten. As a result, you will miss out on a valuable business contact.

If you go out of your way to identify and amplify names, it is the easiest thing to show people you appreciate them. A person’s name is the difference between a stranger and a friend; the difference between a prospect and a client; and the difference between “that guy,” and “Marty, my newest customer.”

But in addition to mastery of these skills, it is equally important to understand why you forget them. If you target this problem at its source, you discover ways to eliminate name forgetting before it begins. You will also become more attune of what stands in your way to make enriching connections with new people.

I’m bad with names. I can only remember faces. I always forget people. I don’t think I’ll ever improve my memory for names. I feel guilty when I ask the person to repeat their name again and again.

Change your attitude! You can’t continue to make excuses and apologize to people if you forgot their names. If you tell yourself you’re terrible with names, you’re always going to be terrible – it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Moreover, if you apologize to people, you only remind them that you’re terrible!

I failed to focus on the moment of introduction. I was too busy worrying about the correct handshake. I was overly self conscious about my first impression with the new client. I thought about me and not about them.

Forget about you. Focus on them. This is the foundation of customer loyalty. Smile and make eye contact as soon as they say their name. Repeat it back to them within four seconds. Don’t worry…when you do remember their name, you will make a good first impression.

The Name Itself
I forgot their name because it’s complicated. I forgot their name because it’s too long. I forgot their name because it’s derived from a culture different than my own.

Ask them about the spelling, origin or context of their name. The longer and more unusual a name, the easier it will be to inquire further. As such, this not only allows them to repeat their name, but you appeal to their personal interests. It shows them you care about their personal information, flatters them and makes them feel valued. Usually, they will be glad to tell you about their name.

I forgot a customer’s name within ten seconds of introduction. I drew a complete mental blank. I was humiliated.

This occurs because a person’s name is the single context of human memory most apt to be forgotten. So, widen other areas of your memory circuit and repeat the name out loud in the beginning, during and at the end of the conversation. When you speak the name, hear the name, and listen to yourself say the name, you will remember it.

I assume someone will tell me their name. I assume my coworker will introduce me. I assume names aren’t a big deal.

Be the first to ask. Go out of your way to find out people’s names. Take your colleague aside and tell them to introduce you to the person clearly and properly. When they do introduce you, be certain to make eye contact with your new associate. This forces you to concentrate on his or her face and name and block out noises and distractions.

I accidentally put the wrong names with the wrong people. I confused people’s faces. I saw someone’s name as an arbitrary fact, and did not turn it into a meaningful representation of them.

Look at people’s facial features when they tell you their name. Dramatize those features and make a memorable connection between the person and their name. The crazier the connection, the easier the name will be to remember.

I was introduced to several customers at the same time. My brain was overloaded. Five names went in one ear and out the other. My memory for names has diffused.

Ask the person who introduced you to quietly repeat everyone’s name in your ear. Then, go around the group and say their names to yourself while you look at their faces. Say them over and over again in your head during the conversation. Do this several times. If all else fails, write the names down, look at their business cards, and/or visualize the person’s face while you consult your notes.

Practice. Practice. Practice. That’s the hard part. But over time you will learn how different methods and tools for name memory will work best for you. Whichever learning style best suits your personality; use any combination of visual, aural or dramatic techniques to remember names.

Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. That’s the easy part. As practice enhances your name memory over time, it only takes a few seconds to decide to change your attitude. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t remember names! Once you have made the decision to go out of your way to remember them, it will only be easier to acquire and master the skill.

Whether you’re on a sales call, in the field, work at a conference or serendipitously meet someone again at the grocery store, if you remember someone’s name it will be more valuable to you than gold.

You know how it feels when someone goes out of their way to remember your name. That warm sense of appreciation rings in your ear and resonates like a bell down to your heart. It is a pulse of pure human energy. And every time it happens, it brings us closer together. It fulfills our capacity to instantly and effortlessly connect with each other.

Ginsberg is a professional speaker, “the world’s foremost field expert on
nametags” and the author of HELLO
my name is Scott
 and The
Power of Approachability
. He speaks to companies and associations who
want to become UNFORGETTABLE communicators – one conversation at a time. For
booking or more information, go to www.hellomynameisscott.com.


Are You a Slave to Your Small Business?

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017
Are you spending way too many hours a week running your business? Has your business taken over your life and left little time for anything else?  Here are seven time management tips for small business owners that will let you work less without putting your business at risk.

Has your business gotten out of hand? Did your dream business turn into a monster that’s running you ragged? Are you working nights and  weekends to keep work flowing and get caught up with billing and other paperwork? If your business is beyond the startup stage, it’s time to reclaim your life.

Working 70 hours a week isn’t good for you, or for your business. Despite your fears, your business won’t fall apart if you work less and enjoy  yourself more. Here are seven ways you can put more time in your life  without jeopardizing the success of your business.

Send your ego out for a long hike. When you grow a business from the ground up, it’s easy to believe you’re the only one who can do what you do. But even if your business relies on some unique skill or talent only you possess, there will still be things you routinely spend time on that someone else could do or be taught to do. You can work less and spend more time growing your business by delegating or outsourcing work to someone else.

Keep a time log for at least a week. Write down each task you do. Be sure to note each time you start and stop each task. At the end of the week, analyze the log. Make a list of each activity you performed, how long it took, and how often you got interrupted. Your analysis will help you identify the specific tasks that could be delegated and also help you identify the leading time-wasting activities in your week.

Eliminate time-wasters. Do your employees ask you questions or chit chat when you’re trying to get things done? Have them save up their questions and bring them to you all at once at a set time in the day to reduce interruptions. Do you have customers or friends who frequently interrupt your work day to talk about non-important matters? If you have employees, have one of them answer all incoming calls and screen out those calls you don’t want to take or don’t need to take right away. If you don’t have employees, use caller ID and screen calls. Better yet, set a specific time of the day to handle most of your calls, and let calls at other times of the day go to voice mail.

Train someone else to do all or part of what you do. If you can train someone to do all or part of what you do, you can spend more time planning and marketing the business. In addition, if you should have an accident or get sick, the business won’t fall apart. There’ll be someone else who can take over for you until you recover.

Manage customer expectations. Let your customers know what your hours of operation are, when they can expect to receive their order (or how long their project should take to complete). This information can be provided on your website, in your sales literature,  in contracts or letters of agreement, or at the time of order if orders are taken on the phone or in person.

Limit the number of times you read your email each day. Stopping to read email every 5 or 10 minutes distracts you from other activities and wastes time. For most business owners there shouldn’t be any email that’s so important that it can’t wait for three or four hours to be read and answered (if a response is even needed.) Set a specific time (and time limit) for reading email, and stick to it. You’ll get a lot more done the rest of the day.

Stop micromanaging your employees. If you have employees, don’t scrutinize every little thing they do or how they do it. Give them the instructions and guidelines they need, and then stop looking over their shoulder every 10 minutes. Once they’ve been working for you long enough to know the job, let them handle routine problems on their own, too. If a customer has a question or complaint, the employee should be able to take care of it without having to get your input on the situation.

Get downloadable time management and productivity templates here

© 2017 Attard Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. May not be reproduced, reprinted or redistributed without written permission from Attard Communications, Inc.

About the author:
Janet Attard is the founder of the award-winning  Business Know-How small business web site and information resource. Janet is also the author of The Home Office And Small Business Answer Book and of Business Know-How: An Operational Guide For Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses with Limited Budgets.  Follow Janet on Twitter and on LinkedIn


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