Chance favors the prepared!

Chance favors the prepared!

If you are new to prepping, Click Here to get started! welcomes Jay Chambers. Jay is a pro free speech business owner based in Austin, Texas. Having lived through several natural disasters and more than a few man-made ones (hello 2008), he believes that resilience and self-sufficiency are essential in this increasingly unpredictable world. That’s why he started a business! Jay writes over at Minute Man Review.

Self-defense, security or simply pleasure – these are the main reasons that might make people decide it’s time to purchase a handgun. Some learn this already common skill during childhood, others as teenagers and many more as adults. But no matter how old you might be, problems regarding the way you can use your light but powerful gun can appear.

So, check out our guide, take the proper precautions before getting ready to shoot, and apply our solutions to the first 5 problems you’ll experience as a handgun shooting novice.

The Solutions to the First Five Problems You’ll Experience as a Handgun Shooting Novice

After starting frequenting shooting lessons, you might realize that shooting a gun accurately might not be as easy as it appears in the movies. You must know the fundamentals. You need to have a proper attitude. And you need to take a lot of precautions and practice hard in order to improve.

With all these taken into consideration, you might still need some useful advice, as there are many factors and variables regarding these aspects. Here are some of the most common problems that handgun shooting novices have experienced in time and the proper solutions for each of them:

Inaccurate hits represent one of the most common problems novices meet with during their shooting training. This is true even after they’ve practiced a lot. It is definitely difficult to focus on the target or focus on rear sight, as you need a lot of practice to be able to master this skill. Novices find combining proper sight alignment with proper sight picture difficult and this is some other aspect that makes accurate hits harder to obtain.

Solution: In order to be able to master this skill, you need to consider taking small steps that will get you where you want to be. To make hits accurate, try focusing intensely on front sight only and your aim will definitely become clearer and easier to achieve. Try combining both dry-fire and live-fire practice.
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I walked around the convention trying out dozens and dozens of firearms and accessories. I dry fired just about every pistol on display. There were so many that I really liked. But one kept drawing me back to it. The CZ P01 (Omega). I was really smitten with this pistol! And it didn’t take long for me to become the proud owner of one! That is kinda amazing as these pistols can sometimes be hard to come by.

CZ is a Czech pistol made by CZ, otherwise known as Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod. This company was first established in 1936 in light of Nazi Germany’s expansionism. After World War 2, the company was managed by a single central agency since the Czech Republic was under Communist rule.

In 1991, CZ entered the free market as the Communist Bloc fell, and by 1997 CZ-USA was born!

The CZ P01 (Omega) is a compact, aluminum-framed hammer fired 9mm. It is designed for military and law enforcement use, but as a compact, CZ also wanted to make it a bit easier to conceal. The barrel is 3.8 inches, with the overall length of the pistol being 7.2 inches. It is about 1.4 inches wide.

One of the most noticeable features of this CZ is the inverted slide system. The slide rides inside the frame. This allows the barrel to sit lower on the gun. This, along with the high grips (more on that in a second) gives the pistol a low bore axis.

The first striking feature I noticed was the ergonomics of this pistol. Its grips are checkered rubber, and the grip frame is grooved on the front and rear. This strap enhances your grip, and it just feels wonderful in your hands. It is somewhat difficult to quantify, but it just feels natural. The grip allows your hand to ride up closer to the frame, which is an advantage when it comes to recoil.

Essentially, the pistol’s recoil is not so much up as it is “backwards”. This allows for rapid follow up shots to stay on target. Typically it is the shooter that determines accuracy, but this pistol certainly aids in that. As far a “accurate” pistols goes, this is one of my favorites.
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Yet I also believe that the Rambo/Lone Wolf approach is probably not the wisest course of action either. I’m not going to rehash all of the benefits of having other members of a support group to turn to. Suffice it to say that you probably ought to try and find a “happy medium” between going it alone, and posting a “REFUGEES WELCOME” sign on your house during the apocalypse.

Now many folks (and the media in general) typically look at Preppers as tin foil hat wearing crazy people. Show’s like Nat Geo’s Dooms Day Preppers didn’t help that stereotype any.

But what if you don’t have that? Or what if you do have a prepper support group, but live in a busy neighborhood and wonder about your neighbors should SHTF? Well, why not “camouflage your intentions” by starting a neighborhood watch program?

Neighborhood watch programs are seen as beneficial. People don’t see them as raving lunatics waiting for the end of the world. These programs are encouraged and even help set up by your local police department. Contact your local law enforcement for more information on setting one up in your neighborhood. You will be surprised at how much most police departments are willing to help.

So what is my point in this? By helping to set up a neighborhood watch, you are not only helping yourself try to keep crime out of your neighborhood, but also helping you gain knowledge about your neighborhood in the event of a serious emergency.

Allow me to explain.

Before I became happily divorced, I was in a neighborhood with a somewhat active neighborhood watch program. I was quickly welcomed in when they realized I was a police officer, albeit for a different town. And within a very short time, I already had a lot of information about my neighbors that could have proven very useful had there been a huge crisis.
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Please welcome Aaron Reddington to Plan and Prepared. The article was gladly contributed by Prepper Aaron from The Simple Prepper is a survival blog devoted to educating the casual Prepper on topics such as disaster preparedness, emergency survival, prepper kits, self-reliance, and personal defense. Their mission is to make prepping easy and fun!

First contact between Europeans and Native Americans was a collision of worlds and cultures like nothing we have seen in a modern times. It was like us finding an alien civilization today, or them finding us. To truly understand this interaction, you must read from the journals of those who experienced this first hand.

…This people has no belief in God that amounts to anything; for they believe in a god they call Cudouagny, and maintain that he often holds intercourse with them and tells them what the weather will be like. They also say that when he gets angry with them, he throws dust in their eyes. They believe furthermore that when they die they go to the stars and descend on the horizon like the stars. Next, that they go off to beautiful green fields covered with fine trees, flowers, and luscious fruits.
Jacque Cartier 1535-1536

While we struggle with first accounts from the Native American side, we do know that the Chief Powhatan looked at the Europeans as a resource and power source. Powhatan was a big man with much respect and fear attributed to him. His position would have been taken by the 25 tribes he led. He did not fear the Europeans, in fact, it could have been just the opposite.

“He is of parsonage a tall well-proportioned man… his head somwhat gray…. His age neare 60; of a very able and hardybody to endure any labour. What he commandeth they dare not disobey in the least thing. It is strange to see with what great feare and adoration all these people doe obay this Powhatan.

For at his feet, they present whatsoever he commandeth, and at the least frowne of his browe, their greatest spirits will tremble with feare: and no marvell, for he is very terrible and tyrannous in punishing such as offend him.
Captain John Smith

While barter was necessary to the survival of the Europeans and the settlements growth, it probably played the biggest role in peace among groups. Had they not the reason of barter to get along, it might have been total war.

Barter also forced the cultures to begin to understand each other. They had to understand what each valued and what each did not. A notable example of this nuance was how the Dutch undertook the creation of their own Wampum back home only to find that the Native Americans told them it held no value in the New World.

This interaction between Natives and Americans would grow and grow as the Pioneers began to forge Westward. Barter with the Native Americans was a crucial part of surviving the long trek west. While the American pioneer needed a lot of what the Natives offered, it was not a one-way street. Pioneers brought access to many things that changed the Native Americans way of life as well.
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Editor’s note: Please welcome AJ Santos to Plan and Prepared. AJ is the chief visionary and doer of things at The Nexus Initiative, proud Eagle Scout and lover of all things Sci-Fi.

With the season 9 première of AMC’s The Walking Dead well underway, it’s only fitting we give tribute to Rick Grimes and the rest of the zombie apocalypse surviving crew.

And just in case you’ve been living off-grid for the past 9 years and haven’t the faintest idea, The Walking Dead is AMC’s hit television drama based off a comic book series with the same name. It depicts a group of absolutely ordinary people working together (most of the time) fighting to survive a post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested world.

But fair warning, don’t get attached to anyone.

Sure, some aspects of the show aren’t all that realistic, like 13-year-old Carl Grimes’ sharpshooter like accuracy — folks, it’s a television show with zombies in it. So, let’s appreciate it for what it is and at the same time, take away some essential survival tips for the real world (and maybe a zombie apocalypse).

As promised, here are 5 real-world survival tips inspired by The Walking Dead:

Yup, just like the Boy Scouts’ motto, being prepared for any situation is an essential step to increasing your chances of survival to just about anything and everything life will throw at you, including a zombie apocalypse.

As an Eagle Scout, this motto has been instilled into my very core since I was a kid. And as a long time Florida resident, it’s something I’ve applied during every Atlantic Hurricane Season. I’m not looking to fight for cases of water or gas when a hurricane warning is in effect, so we keep a shelf stocked with all the emergency essentials:

And although a zombie apocalypse is complete science fiction (that I know of) and the chances of one actually happening are highly unlikely (I think), hurricanes and other natural disasters are very real and can disrupt your normal way of life for weeks until help arrives.

Editor’s note: For more tips you can follow to be more prepared, please click here.
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But, in an SHTF scenario, it will be difficult to get the same amount of sleep. First, you have the natural or man-made disaster that’s trying to kill you and second, you’ll feel so anxious and stressed that sleep will be the last thing on your mind. However, if you want to make it out alive and safe, you need sleep!

This is why I believe you must be prepared with a sleep-friendly mattress that you can take with you in an emergency situation. And below I’ll list the main features you should consider.

Besides a mattress that sleeps well under any conditions, portability is a very high-priority feature. After all, can you imagine yourself carrying a Queen size memory foam bed? Even if you store it in its box, it will be difficult to carry when you’re in a hurry!

That’s why I recommend going with the camping version of a comfortable mattress: a pad or an air bed. These can be easily wrapped in a more compact package and most even have their own storage bag.

You never know where you’ll have to sleep when you’re running for your life. As a result, a sleeping bag won’t suffice for insulation. There are a few tricks you can apply to keep warm during the night, but it’s best to choose a product that will create a layer of insulation between you and damp, cold ground.

In this case, the best choice is an insulated pad or one that self-inflates. These products are equipped with memory foam and may even have a protective layer on one of the sides, to shield your body from the cold.
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