Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK – am I odd?

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK – am I odd?

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* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

* To protect your identity do not use your full name.

1 posts since

16 Aug 2019


Initial diagnosis just RHS breast at stage 2 but grade 3 so having chemo pre surgery, 1st EC on 29th August, awaiting CT, bone scan & biopsy on LHS, results due 21st August.  Had really quick & excellent treatment compared to many plus am a stoic/daft Yorkshire lass who is ready for an adventure (although I can think of better ones!!)

Been looking at the forums more so for practical advice re what to expect re chemo, what I should be doing re diet, questions to ask the cancer team who are supporting me.

Told all family & close friends and set up a whatsapp group so they know what I am doing, so far enjoying this as it’s an opportunity for all to be entertained as well as not having to have the same bl00dy conversation over & over. Definitely decided against face book as they’re not close & I know it would be filled with motivational quotes – not what I am after at all. 

Hopefully there are some other people out there who are feeling relatively positive, in the meantime am off to Edinburgh fringe this weekend to watch some very odd shows – whoop, whoop!

553 posts since

13 Mar 2018

Hi there

welcome to the forum but sorry you find yourself here. I don’t think it odd, it’s a breath of fresh air to find someone with your character and positivity, I’m sure it will carry you a long way.

Ive not had chemo as mine was a grade2 ER+ but there are some fantastic ladies on here who are currently undergoing chemo so hopefully  @TwinTwo ‍ and @Marlyn ‍ to name but a few will come along to support you.

all the best x

1165 posts since

14 Dec 2018

Heyup Yorkshire lass,

Finished chemo in may, I didn’t cold cap, will you? I’m not going to lie, it was pretty brutal the last couple of cycles but perfectly doable. My friend sailed through hers, so we are all different…

i love your attitude I have a feeling your going to grab chemo by the horns and give it a ruddy good shake…

i will have a think on some questions you may want to ask your team..in the meantime….enjoy Edinburgh…ochayethenoo!!!! X

10 posts since

16 Aug 2019

I too was diagnosed with a stage 1 grade 3 this week, I find that people are waiting on me to breakdown, my mum keeps saying “you can’t keep this up”, but tbh that’s how I feel, ok x 

I am hoping to start 18 weeks of Chemo Tues week, then surgery then 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

i have 2 kids and I’m just keeping my energy and spirits up for them and me and I will continue on as normal until I can no longer, hoping that it doesn’t come to that xx

50 posts since

22 Aug 2019


So sorry for the delay but for once I don’t think my lack of technical skills are to blame, been having some challenges with logging on to this site which has now seen fit to forget me so with a suffix of 1 and am shadow of my former self !!

Ta for the reply & forwarding.


50 posts since

22 Aug 2019


Apologies – bloody website wouldn’t let me in, forgot me and made me be the next version of myself ( like cancer??)

Yep, I had 17 inch locks (well grey & dyed) until a week ago, I now have a pixie style but which makes me look vvv butch lesbian – which came in very handy at the fringe!  So really looking forward to the first 10-15 mins of the cold beastie…it will just add to my experiences of late.  As a hardy northerner (who has previously not know she’d broken ankles & pelvis) am sure I’ll be fine, whether my hair is as rock hard as the rest of me will be answered soon…

It will be interesting to see how I respond to the EC which am having first, strange there’s such a variety of impacts on people but guess we’re all individual, from what I read the taxol which I’m having after is the killer…lovely!

Edinburgh was fabby, I go every year with a pal who has the same irreverent outlook on life as me, the lady boys of Bangkok were my favourite and my cheeks ached every day from laughing like an idiot.  I heartily recommend it to those who like something a bit different.

Thanks again for reply, knew I wasn’t odd, just Yorkshire-ish



50 posts since

22 Aug 2019

Hi Patrice

I have stage 2, grade 3…nice to know that something in your body is aggressive eh?  Mind you I think I’ve been referred en masse as aggressive before so shouldn’t come as a shock I guess.

You sound equally strong (or as daft) as me which is good, I am however really glad that I don’t have kids I think that would put me in a different position to hats off to you.  Two stupid fat cats really don’t care what’s happening as long as I’m there to feed that fat monkeys.

According to my maths you’ll be 2 days into your chemo-how was/is it?  Hopefully not too challenging.  My first is Thurs 29th so am getting my chemo kit together – digital thermometer, headband etc..  Any tips as you’re enchemo (as they don’t say).

Why is it such a pain in the arse to edit messages on here, I do always try to spell correctly and do some grammar and this does not help.

Anyway enough countering on, houses don’t clean themselves and was the most upset when I read that I actually need to keep my house clean…really upsetting as enjoy being at the **** end of domestic chores.



50 posts since

22 Aug 2019

Countering on!!! Arghhh

chuntering on more like….but do many other words wrong, think I have chemo Brian already


and interesting that arse is OK but 5LUT is not…will be pushing the boundaries re naughty words to test the system more so now

1914 posts since

4 Jan 2019

Hi Yorkshire _defector.

In some ways your attitude is a lot like me, I’ve got to be careful what I say being male surround by a lot of (ladies), some people can’t figure out why I’m chearful when I’m non curable, but I’d rather be like this than hide in a corner roaring my eyes out at the smallest thing, the attitude helps a lot when cancer visits us, hope you enjoy your party night, (what did I say hope for) you’ll enjoy it nomatter what,, best wishes…. Billy 

50 posts since

22 Aug 2019

Crikey Billy you’re a prolific poster – and I don’t think I’ve ever said that strange combination of words before.

Sounds like you’ve got quite a challenge on there, I do too believe that you choose your attitude and for me being upbeat makes me & others upbeat, I do also relish in surprising and annoying others so being positive helps there too!

Right Billy, you’re preventing the hoovering, gotta get on … such a procrastinator..



1914 posts since

4 Jan 2019

I’ll have to get my dictionary, (I had to get it out to spell that lucky its on the cover saves searching to much), hope you know what they mean and your not being rude again,, nice to have a, positive personality (another word I had to check) on board. Best wishes… Billy 

22 posts since

20 Aug 2019

Hi Close 

Welcome to forum.am also new and just had my first chemo today so far so good .I just believe all will go well.fingers crossed

All the best on your holiday


10 posts since

16 Aug 2019

Hey Tara

My stance has slightly changed I’m starting to panic, I’m now a stage 2 grade 3 TNBC, and I’m not kidding it’s scaring the **** out of me!! I’m trying to remain positive My treatment starts 3rd Sept as they needed a further MRI, before Chemo?!

p.s don’t be on a rush back until that house is spotless

50 posts since

22 Aug 2019

Thanks Praise, hope you carry on feeling good on the chemo – I’m reliably informed that some do make it through relatively unscathed, lets hope we’re the lucky ones eh?

50 posts since

22 Aug 2019

Sorry to hear things have got more challenging and that your stage has increased – how did that happen?  As a novice to all this I would have thought that they’d do enough tests to determine what the situation was up front then they could see what impact the chemotherapy was having and not have to delay chemo??

So your chemo will start shortly after mine, I’ll give you the lowdown end of next week, should be fun!!!

I am off for what I hope is my last tests tomorrow, the worst bit of which is that I have to get my lazy arse out of bed at 6.15, I’m more of a 7am plus kinda gal but have an MRI guided biopsy at 8.45, then an ECHO in the afternoon luckily the long suffering boyfriend is taking me for lunch in between – I wonder will a couple of vino’s affect the heart monitoring?? Not that it would necessarily stop me, especially as wine may taste like p1ss after next week (well that’s my excuse anyway).

Not sure my humble abode has ever been spotless, I did however manage to clean the downstairs which is nothing but miraculous, didn’t want to stretch myself too much so may do the upstairs over the BH weekend…something to look forward to!  It’s funny (as recently had long hair) that on next hoover my long hair will no longer be clogging the dyson, its true that every cloud has a silver lining, finding it can be challenging granted.

It may be that some distraction may help your increasing worry?

Diagnosed breast cancer but feeling OK – am I odd?

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