How to Create Your Own Online Training Courses

How to Create Your Own Online Training Courses

Last Updated: Jun 2, 2020
Creating and selling training is one way to increase your income and promote your expertise. Here’s how to create your own online training courses and tips on how to deliver the courses.

From kindergarten through college and from continuing education to personal interest, people from all walks of life are searching for and enrolling in online education. Online training is being used to educate children, upskill employees, transform careers, and pursue personal development. Anyone with a teachable skill can set up their own online training school or teach their skill to eager students. The key is to develop a course that people are interested in and to find the right venue for that course.

There are three primary components to the successful development of any online training. These are:

The first step to developing an online course is to take personal inventory. What do you know, or what skill do you possess, that others might be interested in learning? Start by writing down everything you know and every skill you possess. Hold nothing back. Make it a brain dump.

Next, write down the potential audience for each thing you could teach. Whether it is specific knowledge—how wild birds mate, for instance—or specific skills, such as piano playing or business marketing, make a list of people groups (Moms, teenagers, business professionals, etc.) who might be interested in learning that skill or body of knowledge.

Thirdly, you can research the various places where online training courses are offered and choose one that would be appropriate for your online course. You can start with this list of online training course platforms.<!– –>

Once you’ve identified what you want to teach, who your audience is, and where you want to teach your course, you should start developing the course. Pertaining to venue, there is one other option available to you. If your course is specialized, you might consider offering that course through your own website, learning platform, or through email. Instructions on how to set that up will follow.

To start your own online training course and teach your expertise to others, follow these steps:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because a course is already available somewhere that another course like it can’t exist. No one is going to do it the way you do it. There are all kinds of courses, for instance, on HTML, but everyone carries the personality of its instructor. If you can find the students for your course, you can earn a nice side income and even promote your business by sharing your expertise.

Long before YouTube and TED created the burgeoning online video training movement, savvy entrepreneurs created their own electronic courses they delivered through email. If you have a website, you can still do this today. However, online video training has become much more powerful and much more popular.

There are three options for delivering your online training to your specialized audience:

To deliver a successful training course through email, you need an email service provider such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, and you need a website or landing page to drive traffic to in order to solicit signups. Make sure your email service provider has an autoresponder service that allows you to deliver email automatically in periodic increments. Follow the steps above to create your course, write it out as an autoresponder sequence, or upload it to your email service provider account.

With a membership website, you need a content management solution. The most popular open-source solution is WordPress. With plugins and specialized themes, you can create a membership website that allows you to charge a one-time, monthly, or annual fee that allows users to join your success and gain access to your educational material.

Follow the process for creating your training course and create the material behind a paywall. Then go and find your audience.

With a specialized platform, you’ll need to hire a professional website developer who will work with you to determine the necessary features for your platform and how it will look. This the most costly of your options, but it also has the best potential for setting your online training course up as unique and distinctive.

As online training continues to grow in popularity, there will be a growing need for qualified instructors ready to teach what they know. You could be one of them.<!– –>

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