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How to Freeze Eggs: Everything You Need to Know 

How to Freeze Eggs: Everything You Need to Know 

Let’s talk about how to freeze eggs today! For some of you, it may come as a surprise that you’re able to freeze your extra eggs. Yes, you can actually keep them much longer than their use-by date. For others, you may have known this, but weren’t sure how to properly do so.

When done right, your frozen eggs will have the same taste and texture that they had when you first bought them. However, I’ll have to warn you, that you won’t be able to enjoy your eggs sunny side up. But you can still enjoy them scrambled, in an omelet, or in almost any other recipe.

There may be a number of reasons why you’d want to freeze your eggs. Whether it’s the recent quarantine and you’re not shopping as often, or you’ve found an amazing deal on eggs, or you simply want to avoid the risk of running out when a particular recipe is calling for them.

Some people just don’t use them up fast enough. Fortunately for you, it’s very easy to freeze eggs and preserve them for a longer period of time. Here’s how to freeze your eggs, along with other questions that you might have. 

Some of these I’ve already pointed out, but freezing eggs gives you more flexibility in when and how to use your eggs. For starters, it saves you money when you find a great deal. It can also save you on prepping time when you already have them mixed.

Freezing eggs also gives you more space in your refrigerator, along with an extra supply so that you don’t wind up one egg short. 

There are a number of different ways that you can store your frozen eggs. You can use a Ziploc freezer bag, sealable freezer containers, or even in an ice tray. It’s really up to you which method you prefer to use when storing them. 

I froze the whole egg, I rarely use just egg yolks or egg whites.

There’s actually more than one way that you can freeze your eggs in a safe and proper way. Some people freeze the whole egg, while others prefer to freeze the yolk and the egg whites separately. 

In order to properly freeze a whole egg, all you need to do is mix them gently in a mixing bowl and place them in a lightly-greased ice cube tray, or in a freezer-safe bag or container. If you’re dealing with a lot of recipes that are only calling for an individual egg, you can just pull one egg from the container and put the rest back in the freezer. Be sure and use a vegetable spray when using silicone containers or ice trays.

For me, it makes more sense to use an ice cube tray that can keep them separated. Once frozen, it’s okay if you wish to move them to a single Ziploc bag or container to help with space. These are similar to the silicone containers I used: Silicone Containers

Freezing egg yolks and egg whites are also easy to do. It really only depends on how you plan on using them once they have thawed. Doing so can also give you more flexibility for certain recipes.

If you’re cooking with them, all you need to do is add a pinch of salt in order to keep them from thickening while they’re frozen. 

If you’re thinking about using your eggs for baking delicious desserts, just add 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar to each egg yolk and place them in an individual ice tray, or in a freezer-safe bag or container. 

Egg whites freeze well when you place each individual one in an ice cube tray. Once they’ve frozen separately, it’s now okay to combine them into a freezer-safe container or bag.  

No, just to put it bluntly. Hard-boiled eggs can last in your refrigerator for up to one week but should not be stored in your freezer. If you do, you’ll discover that the egg white becomes rather rubbery and the yolk itself becomes more powdery than an edible solid. 

It’s rather simple to thaw your eggs. All you need to do is move them to your refrigerator where they will remain cool. Resist the temptation of thawing your eggs at room temperature.

Doing so can allow harmful bacteria to begin to grow. Just remember to label your bag of eggs ahead of time so that you know how many eggs that you used and any seasonings that you may have already put in them. 

Chicken eggs will last in your freezer for up to a whole year. This makes them an important protein option and ingredient to have on hand, especially during an emergency. Eggs that have already been cooked will last in your freezer between 2 and 3 months.  

If you’re still wondering whether you can freeze a whole egg in its shell, the answer is no. Doing so can cause the shell to crack and you’ll have more of a mess to deal with. You’ll also find out that freezing eggs this way can cause the yolk to become too syrupy and thick. The consistency in your recipes won’t turn out the way you like it.

In what ways would you find it helpful in order to freeze and store your eggs for later use? What did you think about freezing eggs? Thanks for thinking of new ways to be prepared. May God bless this crazy world. Linda

Copyright Images: Eggs Fresh In A Basket AdobeStock_274753711 by Nitr

This is interesting. I’m always geared towards complete meltdown so water glassing in lime is my best option but as I look at the numerous “slow boiling frog” scenarios happening and fixing to happen this fall I think I’ll try this. My girls are still producing good this summer due to a mild summer so maybe they will give me enough to do both methods.
If nothing else it’ll help get through molt/winter.

Linda, thank you so much for this info! It’s a big space saver and a way to stock up while prices are down and supply plentiful. The bags can fit nicely in the freezer door, which don’t get used much in my household. Now to call my sis who just got 8 doz eggs for free!

Oh, thank you for this article! M an old sailor, and before a long cruise (6 months) we’d meet on the dock with Vasoline and the freshest, cleanest mess of eggs we could buy. Each whole egg shell was hand smeared with Vasoline and lovingly packed back into the egg carton. They were pretty fresh the whole cruise.

Hi Lynn, what a great comment!! I would call these the cruise eggs! How fun! Linda

Hi Wendy, 8 dozen eggs, oh my gosh!! That’s awesome! You can freeze them in muffin tins (spray with vegetable spray) as well. Life is so good! Linda

It was rather strange this past spring when we were limited to two cartons of eggs, When (!) the stores had any in stock, as I remembered the days when I had 10 hens and so many eggs, I gave them for free. My sons said maybe we should get chickens again. I simply asked if they were willing to do All the care of any chickens…a lot of hee-humming done. I simply bought eggs from one of my neighbors who were deluged with eggs like I’d been. I insisted on paying because I know how much work goes into hens year-round. Your tip on freezing will work well, just in case my neighbors make hen stew…

Hi Wendy, hen stew, oh my gosh!! Now, I have the giggles! I have never had chickens, but I know people love having them. My HOA would fine me BIG time if I had chickens. I know some bloggers have written the HOA’s have to let you, not where I live. Linda

Linda, my sister was glad I passed your info to her. She is quite new to ‘stocking up’ (tho our mom certainly did this, lol). She has recently been stopping at a food giveaway place but she only has one frig and a very small chest freezer. She’s been learning to dehydrate veggies and fruits so she’s getting more freezer space but geez, 8 cartons take a lot of frig space. Lol, I just got done doing 6 eggs into an ice cube tray, and I told her I’d let her know how they cook tomorrow. I added a bit of sea salt to each, but am thinking I’d like to try crushed red pepper flakes or red pepper seeds as my guys like Mexican scrambled eggs. Uh oh, frozen seasoned eggs might be my new cuisine prep.

Hi Wendy, oh the red pepper flakes, yummy!! That’s a great idea! I just never want to run out of eggs and be limited to one carton every two weeks or whatever the rules are that week! We can freeze eggs and pray the freezer doesn’t go out. Linda

Hi Matt, I’m with you on something that is going to happen this fall. We all need to be prepared. I just hope you are retired before it all hits! God bless our world, my friend! Linda

Unfortunately no I can’t retire till spring. I’m gonna have to ride this final wave. Even that retirement is not looking as good. The master plan is falling apart lol. No cool Florida trip and the retirement gig was school security but with homeschooling no one wants me sitting on their couch, wearing a gun, scowling and eating potato chips LOL. Ahh well things rarely go smoothly anyway in life.
Maybe I’ll just get more chickens.

Oh Matt, now I have the giggles, the couch!!! Oh my gosh! Man, the Florida trip, dang! Stay safe, Linda

Can you tell me what you think may be coming in fall? More paid rioters in large numbers? Power problems? I’m just curious…

Hi Cara, I wish I knew, but I do not. It seems obvious that the election will bring more I’m sure, not positive, but we need to be REAL. I’m extremely worried about our food chain. Please stock up with food you will eat. My biggest concern is food will be scarce. If you haven’t read “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel, I highly recommend you read it. It’s the real deal, our power grid is very vulnerable. Our country is not prepared at all. Please stock up, and be prepared to shelter in place. Linda

Thank you so much for your reply, I will get the book you suggested since I know nothing about the grid subject… So very glad I found your helpful website! I tell my family & kids that in the end, good always wins -but dark forces are putting up a big fight right now. We will stock up ! 🙂

Hi Cara, thank you, good always wins, is so right! Linda

Linda – question: Why add the salt and/or sugar to eggs before freezing? I don’t want to have frozen eggs separated for just baking or just cooking. Can they be frozen without salt or sugar? Would the consistency when thawed be “off” without?

Since I don’t have a lot of freezer space, I think I might try this with just half a dozen eggs to start and see if I like them. I generally only use eggs for baking but once in a while I want a scrambled egg for breakfast. My favorite egg, though, is boiled and if those are not to be frozen, fresh is best for me.

I am pretty fortunate that I can purchase 1/2 dozen eggs rather than a full dozen at a couple of local grocery stores. This eliminates a lot of waste (prior to freezing information) but also leaves me with fewer eggs if I get the itch to bake!! Sometimes I want to bake something that requires 2-3 eggs and I only have 1! So having some frozen would be a great way to go.

Thanks for this information.

Hi Leanne, the salt is only for storing the yolks. When I was researching how to freeze eggs, that’s what they said just for yolks. I only freeze the whole eggs (after blending them) and it’s awesome. I’m with you we use very little eggs but sometimes I need three and I only have one in the frig. This will help me when I want to bake or make a 2 egg omelet! I still wonder about freezing the hard-boiled egg!! Everything I read said the white would be rubbery. The next time I go to a “salad bar” I’m going to ask if the eggs they have sitting which seem very cold (as in frozen) in the salad bar came in a frozen state!! Linda

Thanks for the reply, Linda. I’ll be doing some shopping in the next few days and will pick up a half dozen eggs to freeze to see if I like them.

Hello Linda, I have frozen eggs over the years and it works great. But I have also frozen fried eggs on breakfast sandwiches and they were fine when thawed.

Hi Cheri, oh my gosh!! This is a game-changer! I know I had a friend who made circle fried eggs and froze them on English Muffins! Now, I need to do that! Thank you! Linda

Hi Linda, can you tell me how long it takes a frozen egg to defrost in the fridge? Sometimes my sweet tooth strikes and I want to make something right off. I wanted to be prepared for the wait time.

Hi Marcia, oh my gosh, I know where you’re coming from. I want to make some brownies right now! LOL! Here’s the deal, they are “squares” ( at least mine are) that have to defrost safely in the frig. If I tried to defrost them in the microwave I may have “scrambled eggs”. I just put them in the frig the night before and they are ready the next afternoon. I would not think these are the eggs you want for that sweet tooth snack. Great question, Linda

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How to Freeze Eggs: Everything You Need to Know 

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