How to Harness the Power of Your Vulnerability and Take Control

How to Harness the Power of Your Vulnerability and Take Control

Sleepless nights are something many of us hate to find ourselves subjected too, but sometimes they give us the unique opportunity to open our minds to something more. This time followed a conversation with a friend where we discussed the topic of ‘vulnerability’.

The backlash. The potential hate. The trolls. The inescapable dislikes and comments where people try to shit over everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

If you’ve ever had a dream, a wish, an idea, or a burning passion you can’t stop thinking about —a feeling of desire saturating your dreams and nailing down the tingles of purpose— have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t set out to do it yet?

Looking inside yourself to honestly answer this question — not for anyone else, but yourself — can take you down a difficult path; especially when you start to realize there’s a lot of fear, doubt, and self-judgement.

This is where the burden of vulnerability turns into a superpower.

As long as you’re mindful and allow yourself to be truthful with yourself, you can face any insecurities or fears you may have and ultimately overcome them.

All aspects of our lives require vulnerability and today. So many of us are afraid of the repercussions of our actions or the words we say which will only result in us being afraid of ourselves.

We’re terrified of what people think, so much so we build mental barriers to protect ourselves to block out any potential harm, but in the process hold ourselves back from doing the things we love.

By being vulnerable; by opening yourself up to the new opportunities where, yes, you might get hurt, or you might fail in what you set out to do, but the rewards of which are immeasurable and guarantee to be life-changing, you’re enabling yourself to live a full life.

Being vulnerable takes a vast amount of bravery and courage; to take that first step outside the comfort zone and to bring yourself to face your demons, worries and ultimate fears.

Overcoming your fears means acknowledging you have them in the first place.

Think about what you want in life, the message you want to send, the book you want to write, the future you want to live, or the dream you want to pursue.

What’s stopping you from doing that? What fear or worry is lodged in your mind preventing you from doing it?

Say it out loud to yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper. Shout it into the wind from the a hilltop.

However you want to acknowledge it, the moment you do you’ll start to feel yourself growing through it.

Being vulnerable is difficult. I unavoidably involves other people and you have no control over what they think or do.

Whether you’re holding yourself back because you’re scared of the opinions of your friends and family, afraid of the opinions of others online, or the ideas of complete strangers, the truth is you’re likely to be wrong.

From my personal experience, this is the honest truth. There are far more people out there who are willing to support you in whatever venture you’re following than people who try and bring you down.

Most people simply won’t care.

Start by talking to the supportive people in your life. Tell them about your idea and tell them about your worries. The more support you can garner, the more likely you’ll be to take the first step.

It doesn’t matter if you listen to any of the advice online, in this post or not or if you gain all the support of everyone you care to name, at some point you’ll need to take the plunge and take that first step.

All your worries and fears stopping you from being vulnerable are all related to taking that first step. The moment you take it those worries will wash away, and you’ll realise you’ve been holding yourself back for nothing.

The most important aspect of becoming vulnerable.

Whatever you want to achieve, you have to believe you can do it. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power you have within yourself to create whatever you want into your reality. Only you can do it.

Whether you want a million dollars, a million followers, one special relationship, a legacy, or a lifetime hobby, trust in yourself and your abilities to make good things happen.

No matter what anybody , if there’s something in this life you want, you’ve got to get out there and make it happen.

Don’t let anybody, especially yourself and your own doubts, stand in your way.

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How to Harness the Power of Your Vulnerability and Take Control

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