Internet Marketing Myth #22 – Your Customers Will Rip You Off If You Offer a Guarantee

Here is a myth that is not as widely spread as a lot of other internet marketing myths, but it is out there, and there are internet marketers that do use this excuse as a defense for not offering a guarantee to their present and future customers. The thing to keep in mind here is that the marketers who give this excuse for not offering a refund are either:

A) Total newbies who see, hear and read this excuse and actually believe this myth.

B) People who are extremely paranoid.

C) People who don’t believe that the purpose of a business is to serve and accommodate the very people who are kind enough to do business with them. There are people who think that a business needs to lie, cheat and deceive the general buying public in order to make money. There are actually business owners out there who actually believe this garbage.

D) People who don’t actually believe what they are telling everybody else. These are people who actually do know that they won’t get a whole lot of refund requests, but they like to use this as an excuse anyways.

E) People who sell garbage and know that what they sell is garbage. These are the sellers and marketers who probably would get a lot of refund requests, but rather than take the time and effort to put together or obtain a quality product or service, they would rather just slap something together just to have something to sell, and then not offer a guarantee.

The facts are that most people won’t ask for a refund, even if they feel like they didn’t get what they pay for. Some of the reasons they won’t ask for a refund are:

A) They are just too scared or too embarrassed to ask for a refund

B) They just don’t want to hassle with requesting a refund. This is very common with purchases that didn’t cost a lot.

C) They are afraid of ruining a relationship with a person or business that they would still like to do business with in the future.

D) They don’t want to look like a freebie seeker or a person that just wants something for nothing

There are other reasons as well, and the real kicker here is that the smart sellers and marketers know all of this. Even if what they are selling is of questionable quality, they count on all of those facts that I mentioned above, and so, it truly is the smart marketer that offers a guarantee on everything he or she sells.

Despite all of that, there are some sellers who have a genuine fear of the ‘G’ word (Guarantee). There are also those who actually believe that all of their customers are just out to get something for nothing. It’s unfortunate for them and kind of sad, because these are phobias that are costing these sellers a lot of money, and they don’t even see it.

One last thing to keep in mind is this. 99 times out of 100 ( there are always exceptions to the rule ), if you sell something and do not offer a guarantee, you will lose a lot more money in lost sales than you will lose by honoring the small percentage of refund requests that you will get.

There are those who fail to think about the big picture. They worry so much about giving back some of the money they made that they don’t even think about the people that would have paid for their product or service, but didn’t, simply because a guarantee wasn’t offered. You don’t increase your profits by not offering a guarantee. All you end up doing is leaving money on the table.

Offering your customers some assurance, which is what a guarantee does, is not a bad thing. It is something that can only help your business. This isn’t rocket science. All you got to do is put yourself in your customer’s shoes to realize this.

How much more reluctant would you be to buy something if you thought that you could get stuck with something that wasn’t what you had hoped it would be? Well, there you go! So much for that mystery.

Misato Katsuragi is the author and editor of the ‘Myths Of Internet Marketing’ newsletter. The only newsletter that exposes the truth about what really goes on in internet marketing! ( Newsletter production is currently on hold and undergoing massive revision. )

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