Business on the Brink

Business on the Brink

It once dominated the communications and broadcasting industries in the United States, but by 1986 it would be reduced to a name brand. What the heck happened with RCA?

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Normally, the US government swoops in to bust up monopolies. But after World War I, it did the opposite. How did RCA come to be?

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A side hustle for a creamery turned into a major business, but after climbing the top of the pickle heap Vlasic found itself in trouble. What happened?

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In the wake of banishing founder Gary Gygax, TSR found itself in trouble. How did an upstart gaming company called Wizards of the Coast swoop in to rescue the proverbial damsel in distress?

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Let’s talk about money — but not *boring* money. Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jason Feifer and money expert Nicole Lapin go straight at the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. In each episode they debate the trickiest questions, offering genuine financial advice about typically hush-hush issues. Then they bring in a celebrity judge to decide who’s right. Read more

In the 1970s, a company called TSR, formed by wargaming enthusiasts, published a genre-defining game called Dungeons and Dragons. But the story of the company might be more legendary than any fantasy quest.

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We all know her as an iconic television host, actor and producer, but Oprah Winfrey came from a difficult background and overcame many hardships to achieve success. 

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A group of filmmakers joined together to create the United Artists studio at the dawn of the age of cinema. How did an ambitious film lead to the studio’s downfall?

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A Kickstarter campaign with a $50,000 goal to fund a beverage cooler with lots of bonus features topped 13 million, so why does the Coolest Cooler end up on so many crowdfunding failure lists?

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Where do you go when you want a steak dinner for an affordable price without all the fancy restaurant trappings? It used to be a place called Steak and Ale. Whatever happened to that chain?

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Once upon a time, the Borders bookstore chain was the biggest story in the industry. But in 2011, the company would go out of business and that’s all she wrote. We look at what happened.

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It began as a shop catering to hobbyists and grew into an enormous chain of electronics stores. But despite numerous efforts to stay relevant (including a ridiculed rebranding), RadioShack found itself on the brink of disaster.

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Dave Thomas took a small fortune he earned working with KFC restaurants to found his own hamburger chain, growing it to compete against the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King. Ariel and Jonathan ask the immortal question, “Where’s the beef?”

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It was once a powerful video game company that many thought would challenge Nintendo for dominance. So what happened to Sega to make it fall so far?

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After establishing an animation studio, Walt Disney faced a new challenge: how to stay relevant in a world where short-form animation was getting less profitable? His solution was to do something his contemporaries said would be impossible — make the world’s first feature-length animated film.

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The Brink looks at how Walt Disney, through inspiration, determination and just plain stubbornness was able to found an animation studio despite numerous challenges. 

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The ride hailing service was on the verge of heading to the scrap heap in the wake of some seriously questionable decisions and toxic corporate culture. This is the story of how things got so bad and how new corporate leadership is working on a major course correction.

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Between soda pop and sparkling water, there was Clearly Canadian, a collection of fruit-flavored drinks that created a new market. But it’s one thing to invent a new category and another entirely to hold onto market share.

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Kodak was the leader in consumer photography for decades, but the rise of digital cameras would shake the company to its core. This is the story of how the company that invented digital cameras was almost destroyed by them.

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As the popularity of comic books waned, Marvel was in trouble. The company might have gone out of business entirely. But the efforts of some dedicated employees along with a big boost from Disney would change things forever.

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Business on the Brink

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