New Technology Smartphone Notifications Services are here now!

New Technology Smartphone Notifications Services


Smartphone Notifications Services!

Today 2016 you can send your ads and discounts notifications to Android and Apple Smartphone.

Your ads could look like these:


Who can greatly benefit with this New Technology? Ask yourself a simple question: Do I have a product or service my customers will want and need to buy again in near future? If your answer is Yes then this service will produce so "effectively" for you. Like many you might have many products or services. For an example, an auto repair shop has Tune-ups, Tires changes, Auto Supply Sales, Oil Changes and etc. You will see great results with this 2016 Technology.

You can also make your Image Ads look like these. Send out and keep in-touch with Your customers. Keep your company’s name with them is good right?



Coffee Shops & Cafe



Each event is an easy opportunity for you to increase Sales, Income and Business Growth?



July 4th Events



Auto Shops


When customers need a product or service you sell like car Tune-ups again, will they come to you if you offer them some discounts or they still go to other shops? They will go to you if you make sure they see your message right? This NEW Smart phone and computer Desktop Technology will do it for you. How much Service and Sales income will you increase if you have this system installed?How much you think this system worth? Have you already missed a lot of customers already? And you don’t have to pay $100 per click like many Attorneys do.


Send out Discounts to Bring In Business Customers


This is the Most Effective Marketing as To Date!  What makes this method So Great is your ads show up right away when ever your customers’ computer and smartphone open. Your ad is so easy to be seen and cannot be missed seen. Your customers will not miss it as you see it the picture. If you send them at a Right MOMENT when your customers need your products or services, it is very Powerful and result is "simply EFFECTIVE!" Very Impressive right?

My client Catracho Auto Repair shop asked me to set up for them right away after I told this new Most Effective Marketing system.

If your customers see your discounts, they will appreciate and jump to your deals right?



Your customers will see your ads exactly like you see them in the images.

I will set up the New Technology Smartphone Notifications for you to send discounts and offers! 
Your customers might wait for your offers like this:



Your customers just go to your website and simply click few times to accept receiving discount messages or open their smartphones and they are in to receive Notifications from you right away.  New Technology is simple as such.


With this system installed, you can increase customers any time you want! 
And when you retire, you can easily increase your shop sale price $50k. Many jump to

your offers.  It is so much easier to sell when you retire.  There is nothing better than this.

You definitely want to have it if it existed 5 years ago right? Sorry Businesses could not in the past. This is available only as now and I work hard to make sure you have it!

Here are big companies like Google, Amazon, Fox News and others starting using it.

So how to have this system set up?



Here are what customers say about this New Technology:


When I was informed about this Push Notification service I was skeptical.
However, after start using it I was amazed. Not only I can connect to my visitors
my customers, I also can get their emails as well! – Dan Dasilva


"There’s literally nothing else like this on the market. It works right out
of the box, it is super easy to use, and right now I am sending extra traffic
to offers and making more money. 100% recommended". – Mark Hess


After sending your ads, you can log in and see your customers’ clicks

Right now for only few New clients, I offer great discounts and make it so easy to have our firm’s this additional service. Send your ads and discounts to attract, to have more customers and to KEEP your customers are important to you right?

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Thank you very much!

Here are More.. what customers say about this New Technology:

"As a digital marketer it’s important for me to get my daily/weekly messages and new offers out to as many individuals as I can. This push notification is MONEY! When my subscribers open their computer, boom, there’s the pop notification I sent right in front of them. They can’t not see it. I highly recommend this to increase your views, sales and conversions!"

– Justin Francisco

"Push Connect Notify is a game changer. You can finally segment and re-target the traffic coming to your site instead of losing it. Plus you don’t need to invest additional money on Ads. You can even get all that segmented traffic into your email list and keep engaging with those users. Easy to use, easy to create and focused on conversions."

– Benet M. Marcos

"..the next generation push notification app, I was skeptical. But when I started using it on my eCommerce store, I was amazed. Not only do you get to connect to your visitors but you can grab their email address as well! I had over a 55% opt in rate on my page using his system!"

Dan Dasilva

Push notifications are a must have tool for anyone.. business!
Abhinav Gupta | (  GameScorpion )

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