Online marketing techniques -Be a Niche Marketing Master?

It is So Awesome to work online and have freely living style you love to have.  Most people surely dream so versus 8 to 5 job right?  Good news is everyone can achieve for just increasing more commitment to your business.

People search the web everyday for specific answers to any and every kind of problem you can imagine. The success of Yahoo Answers is epigenous of the fact that people constantly need information.

Whatever you do in life and wherever you go, you build and absorb knowledge. Some people think what they know isn’t important or people wouldn’t be willing to buy a product about what you know. You’d be surprised.

There are people who are waiting for your knowledge right now, in some cases what people want information about isn’t readily available online and a large group of people are searching the net trying to find more information about the topic.

As you look over this list ask yourself a couple of questions and consider what you want to offer your target market. You can literally build a business around just answering one question.

1. Identify trends in the marketplace; observe where and how needs are shifting.

Markets are always changing and with those changes come new questions and problems. Try to look ahead of the curve to position yourself in front of the changes and the needs created by change. For example diets change, fads come and go, technology changes. Even the way evergreen content is marketed changes to varying degrees. Changes in trends present opportunities for your business.

2. Look for any gaps created by these changing needs.

Are there any gaps where some individual’s needs are not being met? Can you come at their problem from a different way that would appeal to these people? How about individuals across the international spectrum? Identify any gaps and fill them.

3. Identify the need in each gap.

What are these individuals specific needs that aren’t being served? Why aren’t they being served? Is this person a part of a larger sub niche that can be marketed to successfully?

4. Consider your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your competitors.

As you go about your research look around at your competitors in your niche. What are they offering and what are they not offering? Can you fill what they are not offering and make a profit doing so? Can you team up with your competitors to turn them into helpful business partners to create a win-win situation?

5. Sell what’s selling to a buying market.

A basic business foundation is to identify what is already selling within one or more niches in demand and offer a better product. When you offer a solution for a niche looking for one, you’ll make money. If you offer a solution to a ravenous niche you’ll make even more money.

When you go to a bookstore you’ll notice the books on the front shelves of the store are many times on the New York Times bestseller list. Look at the different niches the books are catering to. When you find a book that caters to a niche you have knowledge about or a natural strength in flip through it to get a feel for the content. Can you create an ebook similar to it? Better than the book?

If you’re not sure how to create an ebook I recommend investing in Jim Edward’s guide to creating an ebook called 7-Day Ebook.

How can your knowledge and natural strengths fit into to these best selling niches? If you don’t think you know anything about an in demand niche than how can you approach the niche from a different position to make your offer more appealing? There’s many positions you can take that will appeal to a sub group in that hot niche.

With those questions and considerations in mind here’s a few ways market your product or business.

3 Ways to Market Your Product or Service

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your name out there and let people know your website exists and in turn start taking in revenue. Article marketing is also one of the best ways to become an authority in a niche.

For those who don’t yet know what article marketing is, the basic concept involves writing articles about a topic in your niche for a hungry market (a market that is already buying products in a niche), and submitting your well written, original articles to article directories with a link to your website in the bio box.  The search engines will then pick up these articles if they are optimized for search traffic.

Bloggers and webmasters will also pick up your article, if it is informative and well written. Traffic will be funneled to your website as a result of your articles being posted on other websites. An SEO effect will be created in turn from bloggers and webmasters linking back to your site, which should increase your page rank and make you more visible in the search engines for your niche.

|Side Note: Search engine optimized articles means keywords are distributed through out the article so they can come up in the search results when people type in the keyword. If possible try to use your main keyword phrase in the title of your article so it has the best chance of coming up in the search results on the first or second page.|

There are a couple of great article directories to submit your articles to, namely go and Do not spam these directories with poorly written articles that have little value to the reader or even worse- are plagiarized. Spamming is likely to get you banned from reputable article directories.

2. SEO

SEO cannot only be applied to article marketing but also your blog or website to increase your page ranking with the major search engines. You can use a question as a keyword in a title tag or strategically positioned in the title, headings, meta tags, and content that answers a question or set of questions in a niche.

These keywords should be targeted toward what your customers are searching for.

|Side Note: I recommend targeting low competition keywords, which don’t many other competing websites because these will be easier to get a higher ranking for.

For example, let’s say you’re in the automotive niche. You might think a good keyword to target may be “cars” That keyword currently has 398,000,000 competing webpages. Far too many. You’ll be competing against huge SEO firms working for companies like The Washington Post, Disney, and to get a number one position.

Instead you’ll want to focus on a keyword that has less competition such as “how to fix cars.” or “best cars for your value” or “best cars for your value 2007.” You can even make variations of the same keyword

Once you find good low competition keywords you’ll want to put them to work for you by checking if there are any PPC ads on the side. If someone is advertising for the keywords than there is a good chance they are making money. The more ads the money the advertisers are making in general.|

The key is targeted leads, not general search traffic. You want to target with precision the exact kind of web traffic who would purchase your product or use your service.

3. Video Marketing

Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe… the list goes on and on of video sharing sites. Every marketer should be using some form of video marketing.

Video tutorials can be created on a specific question or a set of relating questions. You can even create a set of DVD’s as a video guide for a product and upload sample clips to YouTube to show potential customers what the product will be like.

A link back to your website can be placed in the description of the video to funnel traffic back to you and the video guide your offering. Don’t forget to put links at the bottom of the video and at the end of the video during the editing process.

Since Google now owns YouTube and the video sharing site has been given a little “Google Juice” keyword optimized videos often come up on the first or second page of the search results, which will increase the number of viewers for your video and push it up within YouTube in terms of rating.

If the tutorial is of value to the viewers which means it is helpful and informative it should get a rating 4 or 5 stars.

These are just a few things you can do with these questions. There’s many more ways to sell information such as selling tutorials to webmasters directly, creating a humorous guide to a set of questions and launching a viral campaign, creating a membership site or even taking your product offline and partnering up with small business owners in your area to distribute your product or service to a wider audience.

Who knows maybe you’ll even come up with the next great product that will be on all of the store shelves.

Just by turning on the TV, opening a magazine, flipping through a magazine standing in the check out line at the supermarket and even watching morning talk shows. You can get a ton of ideas for niches.

Offline research will give you a good indication of good niches. Many of the advertisers you see in magazines and TV also operate affiliate programs so be sure to check them out online.

More Tips on Next Posts..

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