Solid ovarian cyst

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    Solid ovarian cyst

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    5 posts since

    17 Aug 2019

    Hi all, after many trips to go regarding my symptoms I finally got an US which found a solid cyst 6.3cm on left ovary and right ovary bulky measuring 6×4 cm with anechoic cysts separated by thickened septae measuring 0.6cm in depth. After receiving a copy of my scan results which states in ultrasound advanced practitioners words! ( appears to be an important finding.please bring to doctors attention urgently. An urgent gynaecologist referral with TV scan is advised.) But for some reason my gp decides to refer me for a routine 3month wait! I don’t understand what has happened here how can one be so concerned and the other not at all. Not to mention I am in constant pain. Needing to urinate a lot and so tired all the time. Can any one shine a bit of light please. Am 32 mother of 2.

    9 posts since

    20 Aug 2019

    I’m not a healthcare professional but if I were you I would ring up your doctors and ask for things to be moved along or even book another appointment to see the GP. What were your symptoms by the way? 


    378 posts since

    1 May 2018

    Hello and thanks for posting on the forum,

    I am sorry to hear about your situation.  You don’t sound like you are having a very easy time.

    I can understand that it can be unsettling when you feel that you have been given two pieces of information that don’t seem to agree. The ultrasound practitioner was probably trying to bring it to the doctor’s attention about something that needed monitoring.

    I will try and do my best to help reassure you.  Ovarian cysts are very common and before the menopause are usually benign (not cancer).  There is some useful information written about ovarian cysts by the RCOG (Royal College of Gynaecologists). Have a look at the information here.

    I think the best thing to do is go and see your GP and ask them to explain why you are having a three monthly appointment rather then a trans vaginal scan sooner.

    If you would find it helpful to give us a ring to talk this through then please do so. The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Best Wishes,


    5 posts since

    17 Aug 2019

    Hi,update i did contact my gp who changed my referral to the 2 week wait and asked me to gets bloods done which should of been done over a week ago. Clearly my notes was not read properly. I am in constant pain and its hard when i have 2 children to look after.just glad i stuck to my guns with this one! Waiting for bloods to come back and i have my appointment for 4 September! Am not worried about the it being the big C because i know the chances are low. But after my doctor did ask me if i was planning on having any more children that did worrie me! Thanks for replys xx

    5 posts since

    17 Aug 2019

    My symptoms are. Pelvic pain,bloating, lower back pain simler to labour pain!, leg pain, breathless,head ache,indigestion,tiredness,bladder pressure feeling like i always needing to go. An just down an out crappy! Xx

    24 posts since

    23 Nov 2018

    My ultrasound results are at the GP and I haven’t managed to get a copy yet, and they have no appointments for a few weeks.  The hospital said I had my ultrasound in 2 weeks so they have met their 2 week  target, but I can’t get to see a specialist for a few more weeks.  It’s so inconsistent,  and exhausting battling the system.  At the ultrasound ,they  said I probably need an MRI scan to help ID the cysts further as it’s not clear as one growing down behind the uterus now. Haven’t had any blood tests.

    5 posts since

    17 Aug 2019

    hi, it is all really tiring, and hard not to worry but just request a copy from gp reception. normally blood test go hand in hand with ultrasound depending on the symptoms. i have appointment fast-tracked now for the 4th of September. so will update as i go. maybe you should go back to see gp and ask them to explain better. its hard for them as they need solid facts to go on.just try not to worry easier said they done i know! best of luck. x

    24 posts since

    23 Nov 2018

    Thank you, yes, I’m going to ask again after bank holiday for a copy, they were short staffed last week and weren’t able to agree to let me see it, and  there is a 2-3 week wait for appointments.   As I have post menopausal bleeding I think they believe the cyst/fibroid/thing might explain it so not such a worry but it would be nice for someone to tell me that rather than I conclude from internet !  To date I have not have not had chance to talk to anyone about symptoms yet, hence the stresss.  If it’s a cyst I’m told it’s not a worry, might be a nuisance or painful, but unlikely malignant, which is all I want really.

    Solid ovarian cyst

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