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Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

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Habre-de-Venture, a 1771 Georgian mansion near Port Tobacco, Maryland, was the home of Thomas Stone, a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It is now known as the Thomas Stone National Historic Site.

In 1775, Stone became a Maryland representative in the Second Continental Congress, which was meeting in Philadelphia. His legal knowledge and writing skills made him a valuable member of the Congressional committee that completed the first draft of the Articles of Confederation in 1776. Though he is a little-known political figure in history today, Stone was important to the development of Maryland and the United States.

Stone’s Habre-de-Venture plantation was made a national historic site in 1978, one year after fire swept through the main block of the house. The National Park Service restored the house to its late-nineteenth-century appearance, opening its doors to the public in 1997.

Habre-de-Venture is a five-part colonial plantation house; two hyphens connect the central block of the house to its east and west wings. The wings of most five-part houses extend in a straight line, but the wings at the Thomas Stone House form a graceful arc.

Thomas Stone National Historic Site Information
Address: 6655 Rose Hill Rd., Port Tobacco, MD
Telephone: 301/392-1776
Hours of Operation:

Admission: Free

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Thomas Stone National Historic Site

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