Watch Your Ads Make Money by the Boatloads With These 5 Insider Secrets

Ads, ads, ads… They are an insider secret to make money. Ads are everywhere! They are in the sky, on the sides of drinking cups, mowed into the hills, and spread across the sidewalk with chalk. Wherever they are, though, they all have a single purpose – and that is to make money.

Ads are based on emotion. It is the marketer’s dream to grab the attention of people and then keep them hanging on as long as it takes to close the sale.

Here are 5 secrets that insiders use to write profit pulling ads that work every time. Let’s take a look at them now.

1) The secret of the story. There’s no getting away from it. Everyone loves a good story. People all over the world grow up on stories. A good story grabs a person’s attention and spins along until the very last word is told.

Savvy marketers know this and weave a tale into their ads to grab people and then hang on to them.

You can do the same thing. Even a 2 to 3-line story can work magic. Just make sure it is true and you can back it up if need be. This builds your credibility.

2) The secret of the fear of loss. Fear of loss is so powerful it pushes the longest holdouts to come running while waving fists full of money in the air.

Skillful marketers almost always threaten to cut off the sale at a certain time and date. Some inform you they are running dangerously low on product. And, they always remind you of what you will lose if you miss out.

Use this secret with caution at first. Instead of cutting off sales completely, try raising the price after a certain date. You do not want to risk being bumped out of the market before people are ready to buy.

3) The secret of problem solving. If you have a product that solves a problem, you have a real winner. Smart marketers love to use this secret. In the event there is no problem to be solved, the marketer will simply create one.

Try to imagine how your product can solve a real problem. Can your product save time, save money, save work, or save wear and tear? Perhaps it can help a person become popular, better looking, slimmer, or smarter – or, best of all, find the perfect mate.

4) The secret of the guarantee. It is hard to sell anything today without offering a guarantee. Most marketers give the standard 30-day guarantee. But experienced marketers almost always extend that to 60 days or even a whole 90 days. In fact, they make that extra long guarantee a major selling point.

In the buyer’s mind, a guarantee builds trust. For this reason, it is wise to give a long guarantee. Emphasize the “iron-clad” and “no quibble money back” guarantee. Try to make it different from anyone else’s guarantee.

5) The secret of happy customers’ words. Glowing reports from other happy customers can send your product flying off the shelves. Millionaire marketers rely on testimonials from customers to do the real pulling and tugging for them.

Customers may not believe you but they always believe other customers. They feel they are honest in their opinion. Insider marketers always ask their customers for comments and you can, too. They only thing one cannot do is to pay for them or make them up.

Using the above secrets can launch even the smallest marketer and land him right into the middle of the big leagues. Each secret helps put a would-be customer into the buying mood.

All you have to do is to weave these insider secrets into your ads so that you can make money now.

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