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Building self-confidence

Program leads you to become a self-esteemed coach in building up confidence in a child
The certified self-esteemed coach is to rebuild the confidence and orient a child as it grows up in a proper manner as acceptable by the society.The program consists of 30 MP3 audio recordings,170 page e-book,77 page excersises book,5 videos and multiple choice questions made by Dr joe rubino .
Price: $147


Natural colic relief

An easy, simple and extremely effective method of natural colic relief that really works.
Baby Bowen is the Bowen Technique for babies. The Bowen Technique is a very gentle, safe and simple therapy that is highly effective at easing discomfort in babies.
Price: $29.99


Stop bed wetting fast

Understand the ways to end your child's bed wetting quickly and easily.
Bed Wetting is one of the toughest things to have to deal with and can be very rough on your child's confidence. Finally your child can conquer this terrible nightmare, with your help. One informed step at a time with 99 Ways To Stop Bedwetting.
Price: $17