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Audacity Flex

Learn The Secret In Mastering Audacity And Developing Your Overall Skills For Any Recording Software.
Learn How to use audacity take advantage of this course that teach you everything about the audacity software. Get your copy of the best audacity tutorials today and master it within days.
Price: $19.99


Background band

Perfect place to find quality music for all of your commercial and personal YouTube videos.
Royalty free commercial and personal use background music for YouTube videos and other online projects. All of our music can be used for any project, including commercial projects, without any royalties or restrictions on use.
Price: $5


Audacity workshop

Learn the tips and tracks on how easy it to use audacity with no prior training.
This Course Will Consist Of At Least Four Modules And Bonus Webinars From Leaders In The Podcasting Industry. In less than 60 minutes you will learn how to set up, record, and export your podcast so it can be shared with people around the world.
Price: $39.95