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Fashion designer

The secrets to becoming a professional fashion designer can be a reality by reading this book.
How to become a professional fashion designer is a 65 page full colour book with step by step details on everything you need to know about the fashion industry.Excersises and self-assessments are included at the end of each chapter.There are four bonuses books included with this package.
Price: $48


One hour dress

How to make a 1920s flapper style dress in only one hour.
The simple dressmaking system developed by Mary Picken is just as relevant today as it was in 1924. Whether you are trying to create a 1920's dress, sew a flapper dress costume, learn dressmaking, looking for inspiration, or a fashion student - you will get something from this book.
Price: $17


Attire for men

The attire of men should look stylish to attract a woman cause that will reveal his personality.
THis eBook as your personal image consultant that will literally turn you into a hot *well dressed* sexually aware man, all without spending tons of money on expensive designer clothes.The secrets which will make you look and feel great, that will give you floods of respect and admiration.
Price: $47


Women's Vintage Clothes History

Eras in Fashion History Hints and Tips for online buying selling dresses via Internet.
Eras in Fashion History Hints and Tips for online buying selling dresses via Internet. It contains 890 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History.
Price: $9.95


Fashion business

Fashion business bluprint is an online training course,enroll and you will get weekly sessions.
The Fashion Business Blueprint is a step-by-step,weekly training program, which is,easy to understand and follow,includes assingment to complete.The training has been designed to gradually lead you into the eventual creation of your own successful and unique fashion design business.
Price: $17