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Paid social media jobs

A membership to can be ordered anytime. you will receive access
Once you signup you will be able to start doing paid jobs immediately All of the jobs are very simple, but just to make sure that you don't get stuck I've put together detailed training for every step. I have a database of hundreds of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube jobs that is updated.
Price: $4.95


Facebook Ads Launch Pad

Get Up And Running Using Facebook Advertising In Under 1 Hour
The Facebook Ads Launch Pad is mini-course designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to use Facebook Ads but dont have the time to learn the ins and outs or finer points of online advertising and cant afford to lose money on advertising that doesnt work.
Price: $9


Facebook Fan Page Robot

An Automated App To Grow Your Social Media Fanbase. Grow and Monetize Your Fan Pages.
An Automated App To Grow Your Social Media Fanbase. Innovative Features: One-click Viral Content Generator, Lead and Revenue Generation, Generate Hashtags To Get More Likes And Followers, Autopilot Your Social Networks And Wordpress Blogs, Etc..
Price: $25


Linkedin Training Course

Best Social Media, Linkedin Course. Over 15000 Sold.
Linkedin Is The Most Powerful Social Network For Business. This Linkedin Social Media Training Will Help Generate More Leads, Traffic, Sales For Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Career Seekers. Best Social Media, Linkedin Course. Over 15000 Sold
Price: $97


Get More Traffic From Twitter

Learn about a simple Wordpress plugin, that makes people tweet your content.
TweetDis a Wordpress plugin that creates 'tweetable quotes' in your articles. These click to tweet links catch the attention of your readers and make them tweet your content.
Price: $37


How To Monetize On Instagram

Discover the top strategies used by the Instagram super-users to increase their followers
Grow Now Your Followers Learn How To Monetize On Instagram. Instagram On Fire Is The First Course Followed By Celebrities, Entrepreneurs And Influencers With A Simple Goal: Increase Your Followers And Show You How To Earn Thanks To Your Instagram Account
Price: $37


How To Double Your Business In 30 Days

An E-course Designed To Get You Extensive, Targeted Results On LinkedIn In 30 Days
30 Day Sales Machine Is An E-course Designed To Get You Extensive, Targeted Results On Linkedin In 30 Days Or Less. Learn Insider Secrets And Use The Proprietary Tools Inside The Members Area To Get Connected With People In Your Niche.
Price: $997


Facebook advertising guide

Learn an online advertising system that is more targeted and less expensive.
Facebook Advertising Guide visual step-by-step guide to effective Facebook Marketing and Advertising for business. Learn how to advertise on Facebook with great results.
Price: $37


Social media manager job?

Guide to becoming the next social media manager and start cashing in fat $997
You will learn overview of a Social Media Manager, The 3 Main Services A Social Media Manager Provides, Pricing Your Social Media Service, How Do You Outsource Your Social Media Tasks, Growing The Social Media Business, Attributes Of Highly Successful Social Media Manager.
Price: $29.95


Monetize Your SnapChat Audience

Great For Marketers, Social Media Lovers And Web Entrepreneurs.
Snapyrush Is The First Snapchat Course And Community That Helps People To Grow On Snapchat And Use It For Business And Personal Branding Great For Marketers, Social Media Lovers And Web Entrepreneurs.
Price: $47


Facebook Likes Hacked

How to Get Likes To your Facebook Page For FREE
The course that will reveal the secret that Facebook doesn't want you to know: How to get FREE Likes to your Facebook Page.
Price: $47


Get 2500+ Clicks - 500+ Opt-ins

Guaranteed Unique Clicks 100% Tier 1 Email Traffic.
Guaranteedsoloads - Get 2500+ Clicks - 500+ Opt-ins Guaranteed - Traffic/subscribers Are 100% USA - Sales Guaranteed Or You Get A Second Free Solo Ad
Price: $20

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