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Meditation to reduce stress

A new twist in meditation helps reduce stress and experience the relaxation in minutes.
Results In A Faster Time - works in 15 minutes or less. Reduce stress, enjoy deep sleep, be more focused, increase mind power, even start or expand your business with the resell license. Side Effect Free - meditation is proven to help with depression, ADHD, high blood pressure without side effects.
Price: $97


Ultimate Meditation

The Ultimate Meditation System No Headphones Required
This program offers 11 different hypnoGuide recordings and over 40 different activation acoustics, designed to stimulate and effect the human consciousness, personal success, motivation, attitudes, habits and behaviours to enhance performance, positiv emotional states, improved health and well-being.
Price: $24.95


MP3 Meditation Club

I am Katrina. I have been a brainwave entrainment specialist since 2007.
Offers Meditation MP3 with brainwave entrainment technology, from alpha meditation to reiki healing, these Isochronic tones are carefully calibrated to tap into one's spiritual abilities and healing power. Our collection of products is the result of years of testing and improving.
Price: $24


Ayurveda Mantras For Fitness

Discover The Science Of Life For Yourself With The Ayurveda Experience.
Discover The Simplest 3 Steps-Process Ever That Will Not Only Save Your Precious Time and Hundreds Of Dollars, But Will Also Make The Rest Of Your Life A Guaranteed Healthier And Happier Experience. With This Course, You Get Everything You Need To Experience Balance And Bliss.
Price: $97


Reprogram Your Voice

Kathe and Amadhia Provide A Unique Way For Transgender Women To Feminize Their Voices
feminEssence | a guided meditation for your feminine voice. Kathe and Amadhia Provide A Unique Way For Transgender Women To Feminize Their Voices
Price: $47


Achieve Good Health Naturally

Discover A Tool To Achieve Health Through Natural Body Weight Movements.
It Is A Natural Body Weight Movement Based Method Of Exercise Requiring No Equipment. It Is A Unique Method Of Training, Which Incorporates Movements From Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, High Diving, Trampolining, Free Running, Gym Exercises, Pilates And Stunt Performing Skills.
Price: $10


A program on Buddhism

Helps Organizing Mental, Physical and Emotional Management for a happier life.
An informative and transformative educational program on Buddhism which helps Organizing Mental, Physical and Emotional Management for a happier life.
Price: $127


Get Optimum Brain Health

Experience The Joy and Freedom Of Optimum Brain Health With This Guide.
Find A Breakthrough Solution For Achieving And Maintaining Optimal Brain Health By Combining The Best Solutions In Brain Fitness With Proven Techniques From The Top Meditation Programs In The World. This Will Empowers You To Radically And Naturally Improve Your Personal Health And Wellness.
Price: $47


Paleo Mind Mediatation Pgm

Paleo Mind Audio - Advanced Binaural Beats for Instant Stress Relief
The awesome thing about Paleo Mind is theres an audio for every core mind state; stress-release, focus, learning, sleep, energy, positivity, confidence, mindfulness and more.
Price: $49.99


3 minute meditations

Calms your mind, makes you happy and gives you all-day energy.
3 Minute Meditations Takes The Challenges Out Of Learning To Meditate And Shows You How To Sit Still, Calm The Mind And Chill Out By Following A Fast, Easy, And Budget-friendly Process Without Sacrificing Your Time, Wallet, Or Travel.
Price: $19


Melt away stress in just 15 minutes

A brainwave meditation audio to get you meditating like a zen monk in no time
A brainwave entrainment meditation audio, a quick-start video and a special bonus, to get you meditating like a zen monk in no time Melt away stress in just 15 minutes a day. Regain focus, mental clarity and get the perfect nights sleep.
Price: $19


Effortless meditation

Take your mind on a journey and melt away your worries in just 15 minutes.
We are devoted to explore combining meditation practices with brain wave entertainment to enhance the meditative experience.
Price: $29.97