Your Own Worst Critic

Your Own Worst Critic

Don’t do it. Don’t blame yourself for every imagined way you feel less than. Stop self deprecating talk, carrying heavy guilt girders or thinking of every way that person made you feel unheard, invisible, less-than.

Whatever it is that’s causing you to put yourself through a persona gauntlet. Release it and breathe.

I’m going to remind you of every way you are perfect exactly as you are.

There is only one you. The probability of you even existing is infinitesimally nano particular. Your parents had to be exactly where they were in the astronomical variables of their lives, not to mention the ancestry preceding their lives, to create you. Of all the millions of sperm and hundreds of eggs, only one combination could result in you.

You’re a walking miracle.

Every human is different and every variant is beautiful. Stop telling yourself ways you aren’t good at something or could improve in this way or that. Everything is relative, and those benchmarks are put there by none other than guess who? You.

If you’re telling yourself someone else put them there, then I have news for you. Nobody commands who you should or shouldn’t be, remove the blindfold.

You are alive and you are amazing just as you are.

You are an infinite being of love and light and you are connected to universal consciousness. You have access to all the love there is or ever will be in this world. Tune into your soul and remind yourself of all the ways we are oneness.

There is no more than, less than, better than, worse than. All you need to do is see the truth, let go of doubts and have faith in the fact that deficiency is illusory. We don’t create abundance, it’s always with us. We create limitations.

Feel empowered in this knowledge and channel the infinite you.

You are worthy.

We are on a journey of lessons. We have karmic debt to resolve and life likes curve balls, but don’t resist. Let it be. Find flow.

You are not a victim of life. This isn’t something happening to you. You are enmeshed, interwoven. You are a beautiful silvery thread of an infinite tapestry. Everything happens for a reason. See the bigger picture.

There’s Cosmos in Chaos.

You are the pilot of the passenger jet of your life and who comes along for the journey is your choice. You are not tethered to anyone else and your self-worth is not contingent on their approval.

You are free to leave behind that which no longer serves your path, at any time. Nobody can love you more than you are capable of loving yourself. Don’t bring an empty cup and expect someone else to fill it.

You are whole.

We are creatures of emotion, desire, expression and fluctuation. Flow with it, embrace it. Don’t let the world dictate the right and wrong of who you are.

You are darkness and light, a perfect balance of yin yang.

Look beyond your bubble. The earth is beautiful. Nature is miraculous. We are surrounded by astonishing perfection on a daily basis. Everyday our hearts beat, we breathe, we see, we feel.

Don’t waste time contemplating lack.

Remember the undiluted fascination with which you drank in the world as a child. Embody it.

You are love in it’s purest form and you are always enough.

Your Own Worst Critic

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