How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand Instructional Video

How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand Instructional Video

Hunting is an important part of preparedness and the obvious benefit to knowing how to hunt for food is that in a grid down situation you would be able to supplement some of the nutrition your family needs with some of the food you kill while hunting. Additionally, the  skills you gain while hunting now while the grid is up will be useful for more than just being able to hide from animals. In a grid down situation or bug out scenario you may also want to know how to avoid people as well!  If you can hide from a 10 point Whitetail buck you can probably do a pretty good job hiding from zombie Joe as well!  One excellent way to hunt is by using a tree stand. Some benefits of using a tree stand are that they allow you to gain significant elevation. This helps you to be able to see farther, and also to mask your scent and give you better angles and shooting lanes to hit your game. Tree stands, however, can be useful for more than just hunting. They could also be useful for scouting new areas, as well as a security lookout post outside of a camp. In the video below I will be discussing How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand which is what I believe is one of the best types of tree stand for a prepper or survivalist to own.

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As you can see the climbing tree stand has many benefits. It allows you to be more mobile, as you don’t have to leave it affixed in one location. It allows you to move much more easily to other trees if you decide to move. You do not have to worry about your stand getting stolen because you can keep it with you.  You can just arrive a bit early and quickly set it up when you get to your hunting spot. Then take down and carry it with you when you leave. Climbing Tree Stands also do less damage to trees than some other types of tree stands. When used properly, and safely, a climbing tree stand is one great option for hunters and preppers.





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How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand Instructional Video

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