Nutcache introduces a free plan for small teams

Nutcache introduces a free plan for small teams

We are very excited to introduce our new free plan to make Nutcache even more accessible for teams up to 20 people.  The Free plan is a no-cost option for smaller teams so they can benefit from the project management and time tracking functionality without worrying about their budget. Our vision for Nutcache has always been to build a sustainable business around a product that helps people every day. To achieve this we needed a simple, accessible plan that as far as possible minimises the impact of the financial burden falling on end-users.

Whether you’re a small business owner, or part of a team inside a larger organization, the free plan includes unlimited access to the following for up to 20 people:


Unlimited projects & tasks
Organize and plan your projects according to your business workflow. Stay on top of your work by prioritizing your tasks to be completed.

Board and list views
Choose to display your task lists within a project between a “table” or a “list” view depending on which way suits you best.

My workspace
Organize and complete your tasks faster and more efficiently as you can view and group your assigned tasks either by project or by due date.

Simple time tracking
Capture the time you spend on different tasks whether at work or on the move.

Project overview
Track the progress of your tasks and identify how many are overdue or due today. See the number of tasks distributed by priority and by member and identify the tasks whose recorded time exceeds the estimated time.

The Free Plan is purpose-built for teams and small growing companies looking to better manage their projects and track time efficiently. Our goal is to help small businesses better organize themselves for success. By offering this plan of Nutcache for free for the first 20 users, we hope to eliminate some of the challenges associated with getting started. We believe that Nutcache is the best software project management tool on the market and we want teams to have access from day one. We know that every business is different and everyone has different needs, so we hope you enjoy our new Free plan.

We really hope you’ll be as excited as we are about this new Free plan, and please help spread the good news by using the share options below.


Go ahead, try out the Free edition!

Nutcache introduces a free plan for small teams

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