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Before I get into this I should point out that I am very thankful that I am not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  My wife was reading out some of the posts and comments on the local community FB page with respect to this virus, hilarious and sad at the same time.  I think the only thing worse than a community FB page is a bunch of people in their homes with nothing but time to speculate and post to a community FB page.

I mean honestly, can we stop with this.  I’ve gotten by just fine by ignoring all that crap and manage to stay in touch with the people who I really care about via my phone (voice or text).  I need to get along with this article but had to toss this mini-rant out there.  If you are one of those who stays glued to the FB I hope you do so as a means by which to collect relevant information pertinent to your area.  Other than that, I see no value in it for the most part.  Don’t even get me started on NextDoor.

Why This Topic?

The idea of folks heading up from the city when T-SHTF is something that concerns me and my fellow mountain folk up here.  I stopped and talked to a few local deputies a few days ago and it concerns them as well as we have thousands of acres of Federal and State National Forest and the last thing we need is a surge of folks dragging campers up from the city thinking they are going to set up shop.  It happens during normal times every weekend during the warmer months.  Friday afternoon the camper parade heading into the mountains, Sunday afternoon they are heading back to their subdivisions after almost setting the entire forest on fire because little Tommy wanted a hot dog.  I hate to say it but the delineation is true: you either live up here or you don’t.

The Fantasy

I’ve seen it over the years, misplaced fantasies by urban folks who live the subdivison life – if things get bad enough they’ll just pick up and head to the mountains and thrive.  Maybe someone used to be in the military, maybe they have a travel trailer, maybe the go to the gun range once a month.  The idea that a suburban family is going to pick up and head to some unknown spot out in the wilderness and set up shop and thrive is not only hilarious, it is concerning.  Give that experiment 2 weeks and the kids will start going nuts, food starts running lean and the wife starts hating the lack of showers and bug spray.  In short, it is not sustainable and for these people who weekend camp a few times a year to actually believe that they will escape the city to do so for weeks or months is delusional.  Allow me to explain why.

The Reality

Right now we have orders for shelter in place, some of which discourage city folks from coming up into the mountains.  There are Federal and State parks which have been closed and as this gets worse I suspect more of them will completely close not allowing camping / recreation / people from the city to set up shop.  For me one of the biggest fears is fire, a massive consideration up here.  When I stand on my deck I have a 270 degree view of the National Forest and there is a massive burn scar maybe 10 miles out which goes for over 50 miles and burned countless homes back in the 90’s.  All that said I think it’s good practice that they shut it all down and keep the city folks in the city.  Don’t come up here: there are no resources, no land, no good times to be had.  If they wanted to live here they should have bought a place out here and lived like the rest of us, too little to late.

The Future

I see law enforcement patrolling for violators, take your a$$ back to where you came from.  I also see folks slipping under the radar and causing issues, starting fires and leaving their trash.  I also see our local small town (1 gas station, no stop light, small hardware store, 2 restaurants and a propane store) screening visitors who show up and potentially turning them away as things get worse.  If we don’t know you, you won’t get served type thing.  Sounds harsh but when things get tight I can see it going that way.

Final Thoughts

When I started this blog we lived in the Midwest, vinyl sided 4 bedroom house with 10 feet between neighbors, HOA fees, a pool and strip malls just outside our subdivision entrance.   At the time there were no mountains where we lived but there was plenty of countryside maybe 20 mins from our house, still my plans never included just rolling out there and hoping for the best.  I had to do the best I could with what I had and most of it involved hunkering down at the house.  I was fortunate and blessed enough to be able to travel to the Rockies and to literally within 3 months, pick up and move the entire family out here 4 years ago.    Life out here is obviously different but much more in line with where I want to be and how I want to live.  Now that this threat has hit our country the location becomes even more of an asset.  I will tell you that during this time folks should do the best they can with what they have, attempting to play out some fantasy where one drives out to the high country to thrive while the cities burn won’t really work out well.  That I can promise.


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Funny that this post ends…..Be Sociable, Share!


Good catch! Haha

Spot on.

Well said! I too am blessed to live on the slopes of the Rockies, and just as you said….every spring and summer, our little burg gets over run with folks from out of state. Every year is a culture clash, because they come here and trash the roads, trash the trail heads, clog up the roads with their mindset of ” you should be thankful we are here to spend money in your hillbilly town”. We too had a huge fire 2 years ago that we are still reeling from.
I hope and pray that if a lockdown is mandated…that everyone is ok….but also that everyone will comply!

Totally agree on trashing everything, they had to shut down trailheads last year because people just left their crap everywhere. Animals…

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