What Is a Social Media Manager? A Guide for Small Business Owners

What Is a Social Media Manager? A Guide for Small Business Owners

August 21, 2019 Comments


As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard it a million times: social media is where it’s at. Whoever’s telling you that is not wrong.

The question is, where do you start? Do you build your brand one platform at a time? Do you start with product posts? Do you advertise your recent blog posts? 

If you feel overwhelmed, then join the legions of business owners in the same boat. To save your sinking ship, there’s a pivotal person who can help you raise your sails: a social media manager.   

So, what is a social media manager? Your new captain! Let’s talk about the many ways they can help you grow your business. 

Social media managers represent your brand across several different platforms. Of course, the heavy hitters are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Through their posts and interactions with others on social media, they have the ability to optimize your brand’s awareness, direct more people to your website, and turn those site visitors into tried and true customers. 

Here are some of their primary responsibilities: 

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is! Social media managers wear many hats, as do most marketers. But, if you think about it, we can fall in love with brands simply by scrolling past one of their pictures on Instagram. 

If you know a Social Media Manager is on your horizon, it’s important they’re properly trained and skilled (not just social media aficionados).

Here are some key skills to look out for: 

Basically, you’re looking for a tech-savvy individual who knows their way around web platforms, digital imagery, and social media management.

If you find someone with a bubbly personality who loves people and can fire up a keyboard, you’re one step closer to a branding takeover! 

You want someone creative who can come up with a company name like Ignite Digital, or Indistrus, or Shopify. If creativity is their sweet spot, then you’ve just found your new hotshot. 

The next time someone on your team asks you, “What is a social media manager?” tell them they’re your BFF, your one true love, and your soul mate. They’re going to cast the net wide and lure in new customers from far and wide. 

If you’re a small business looking to take things up a notch, we hope you’ll continue to come on over and visit our blog. We’re your small business guide to search marketing and we can assure you this: hiring a social media manager is an investment you’ll never regret.

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